Chapter 18

Late at night, I stayed hidden in the library, long after everyone had gone to bed. I walked into the restricted section, running my hands over the book cases until I found the book on Azkaban. I pulled it off the shelf, and slid down to the floor.
‘Lumos.’ I whispered. My wand flickered, giving off enough light so I could read. I opened the book.

‘Azkaban is one of the Wizarding prisons. It is unplottable, and invisible to muggle’s, but as it is in the North Sea, most would not find it any way. The prison is protected by Dementors, who suck the happiness out of the prisoners, making them go insane.’

‘The North Sea’ I mutter to myself. I was concentrating so much on the book; I didn’t hear the approaching footsteps. I did hear, however, a gentle cough. I sprang to my feet, hiding the book behind my back, to face a smiling Professor Dumbledore.

‘I did wonder when you would start looking, Guinevere.’ He said, his eyes twinkling.
I felt my face burn. ‘Its, Its not what you think, sir. I’m doing research for an essay.’
He looked at the shelves behind me, his eyes lingering on the empty slot. ‘And your work is on Azkaban, is it?’
I raised my head, eyes blazing. Dumbledore would not stop me. And he would not know. ‘Yes, sir. It is. If you are done know, sir, may I go?’

Dumbledore sighed. ‘Oh, Guinevere, I wish you wouldn’t do this. But you are old enough. Remember. You may not be welcomed warmly.’
‘I don’t understand you, sir. I am not doing anything.’

I walked past him, looking over my shoulder as I left. He was watching me, frowning.
If Dumbledore suspected me, I would have to get help. It was a year since I had seen Adrian, but we still talked. I felt it was time to tell him my secret. I ran back to the Slytherin common room, found a quill and started to write.

Dear Adrian,
I want to tell you something. Do you remember, back in my first year, what happened with the Dark Lord? When we got back to the castle, Dumbledore told me something, which I never told you.
Before you read this, don’t think badly of me. I never told you because I didn’t want to loose you as a friend. But no it is time to tell you, because I need your help.
The people I killed that day, they were not my parents. They were not related to me at all. I have a brother in my real family. I spent the first seven years of my life with him- not that I can remember.
My real father works for the Ministry. And my brother is in Azkaban. They share the came name. Barty Crouch.
This is where I need your help. I want to visit Azkaban, but I cant go by myself. Would you come with me? Help me find out who I am?

You’re Friend,

As much as I wanted to send it no, I had to wait till morning. If I was caught by another teacher on a night time stroll, they wouldn’t be as nice as Professor Dumbledore.

The End

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