Chapter 17

We never saw Rosie again. Some people said she had been thrown out, other said she had run away. Maybe she went to Durmstrang. Either way, no one really knew. I kept dreaming about her, running from the Dark Lord. She wouldn’t go back to him, not now. But if she was running, she wouldn’t last long.

Adrian stayed at Hogwarts with me. The rest of his fifth year, and the next two, he was one of my only friends. I went from being well known, to invisible. But that was the way I wanted it. And he protected me. But as close as I was to him, I never told him. He thought I didn’t know my family. Deep down, I knew I should tell him, but I thought he would turn his back on me. So when he left Hogwarts, he still didn’t know.

5 years passed. I was 17, in my final year of Hogwarts. I did well in my O.W.Ls, with all Outstanding, but still no one noticed me.
Except Dumbledore. He watched me, knowing that I wouldn’t forget what he had told me. And I didn’t. I understood what he had told me about the Crouch family, but I didn’t care. I wanted to know them. And even if Barty Crouch junior would try to kill me, even at 17, I knew I was just as strong as anyone older.

It was time.

The End

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