Chapter 16

I walked into the common room, and sat down on the sofa. I heard a rustle behind me.
‘Guinevere?’ Adrian asked, tentatively.
‘Please, Adrian, leave me alone.’ I didn’t look at him, as the tears had over flowed, and I didn’t want to show him my weakness.

He stood up, and came to sit next to me. ‘No.’ he said, taking my hand in his. ‘I am truly sorry, Guinevere. I didn’t know what would happen there. I never knew… I didn’t know Rosie was that ruthless.’
‘She was ruthless? You were involved as well!’
‘She’s my cousin! Of course I followed what she was doing. If I didn’t, well, you saw what He would do. And Gwen, you think I wanted to be there? I got you out. I just wish I had left Rosie there.’ He said.

‘Don’t say that. She’s still related to you. I would do anything for my family.’
Adrian looked at me. ‘I know you would. I am sorry. If there is anything I can do, I will Gwen. Forgive m.’ he squeezed my hand before standing up. As he got to the stairs, I turned to him.
‘Yes, Guinevere?’
‘Thank you. And I do. Forgive you.’

He smiled sadly at me before walking up the stairs. I looked at the book in my lap, hesitating before opening it, and starting to read.

Bartemius Crouch Junior was born in 1962. He joined He Who Shall Not Be Names, and became a Death Eater. After helping Bellatrix Lestrange torture the two Aurors, Frank and Alice Longbottom, he was sent to Azkaban for life, by his own father.
People may wonder why the son of such a big person in the Ministry would act this way. People believe that it is because Crouch Senior was always trying to destroy Dark Magic, and did not have enough time or affection for his son. Therefore, his son did what he knew would get attention. Becoming what his father hated.
However, when joining the Death Eater, You-Know-Who would have treated him well, wanting him to be able to do his bidding. Whether or not the Dark Lord ‘loved’ Crouch, we do not know, but it is what Barty believed.’

I realised what being a Death Eater meant. It didn’t just mean following order, but it meant having a family who cared for you. Having people who understood you, and agree with you. I hated the Dark Lord for what he did to me, but part of me wished I could be with him.

The End

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