chapter 13

Rosie Lestrange. Why have you come and brought…Her with you? I told you to keep her in Hogwarts.’
‘I know, My Lord, but she drugged me,’ at this, she scowled in my direction. ‘And got the truth out. We - I- underestimated her.’

He flashed his eyes to me, and I had the urge to step back, but after a second, he turned to Rosie. ‘I trained you against the effect of the Truth potion. You mean to say you disobeyed be and did not learn?
Rosie backed away, watching him as he drew out his wand. ‘No, please, I tried.’
‘You didn’t try hard enough. Crucio!’ he yelled.
Rosie dropped to the floor, but didn’t make a noise.

The Dark Lord looked disinterested. He put his wand away, and started pacing. I watched him as him walk round the room, stopping as he got to the door. There wasn’t a sound in the room, until he smiled.
‘Ah, my… Special visitors have arrived!’ he said, opening the door.
My heart froze. It was my parents.

The Dark Lords eyes found mine. ‘I thought they should be here for this.’ I looked confused. ‘Yes, Guinevere, I knew this would happen.’
‘Why do you need me? And them? And what have you done to them?’ I shouted, watching my parents, their eyes glazed, walk to the corner of the room.
‘Cant you guess? They are under my control. Because I need you under it as well.’
I stepped back, into Adrian. He whispered in to my ear. ‘Careful, Gwen. Trust me. Ill get us back to the castle.’

The Dark Lord smiled at me. ‘Now, Guinevere. You will do as I say. Unless you never want to see them again.’
‘no!’ I shouted. ‘Why do you want me?’
He laughed. ‘Because you are you. Your family need to be told. You are you and I will control you.’
‘But you have my family here. I thought they supported you.’
‘Oh, they do,’ he said, nodding to my parents, ‘but your family are not.’
I went to say some thing back, but he cut across me. ‘Enough of this. Prove your are loyal to me. Kill them.’
‘What? No!’ I tried to back away further, but Adrian would not let me move.
‘You will kill them. Imperio!’

His voice echoed around my head. Kill them. They are nothing to you. Kill them!
I raised my wand, against my will. In the distance, I heard my voice. ‘Avada Kedavra.’
I blinked. He had let his control go, and I could see what I had done.

Frozen to the spot, I didn’t see Adrian beckon to Rosie, or feel him grab my arm. But I realised when we disappeared, back to the Hogwarts gates.

Professor Dumbledore was waiting for us.

The End

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