chapter 12

We stepped out the fire, and joined Adrian by the side of the doors. He put his finger to his lips telling us to be quiet. We could hear voices from inside. As argument was going on.

‘Bellatrix, you are my most loyal supporter, but you, like others have failed me.’ The Dark Lord was saying.
‘My Lord, I tried, I did my best.’
Rosie looked at me, and whispered. ‘That’s my aunt!’
‘You did not do enough. You failed. You must be punished.’ The Dark Lord said.
‘No, My Lord, please. I can try again. Let me kill them!’

‘Crucio!’ You could almost hear the Dark Lord smiling as he caused his Death Eater pain. She screamed.
‘Now Bellatrix, next time, you will do better, wont you?’
‘Of course, My Lord, yes! You have another job for me?’
He laughed a laugh full of evil and darkness.
‘But of course! The Order Is still at large, Bella. And they are getting…annoying. You know what to do.’
‘Yes, my Lord. Oh, thank you!’
‘Now, leave me. I have others to attend to.’

There was a tapping of feet, and a door banging shut. The Dark Lord raised his voice. ‘You can come in now, Rosie Lestrange. Your aunt has gone.’ The door in front of us flew open.
We stepped through. The Dark Lord’s eyes, slits like snakes, followed us round the room as we went to stand in front of him.

The End

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