Chapter 11

Rosie opened her mouth, and paused. She shook her head, and tried again. ‘Nothing, Sir. We’re just having a small…family disagreement. Nothing major, sir. Not for you to worry about.’

He nodded slowly. ‘And the shouting then, it wasn’t fighting? I didn’t hear a curtain curse that I swore I heard?’
‘No, sir! How could you say that! We wouldn’t hurt family.’

‘Ok, next time, then, keep the argument quieter. I might not have been me that walked in.’ with that, he turned and walked out. We watched as the portrait closed behind him.
Adrian grinned. ‘Yeah, because he was going to tell us off. He knows us!’

But Rosie wasn’t listening to him. The minute he had left, she had grabbed her wand and pinned me to the wall.
‘Never. Never poison me again. If you do, you will regret it. Understand?’
‘But...But I thought you liked me?’
‘Oh, Gwen,’ she laughed darkly. ‘I may like you. But a friend can turn her back on others. And I am still stronger than you. Do. You. Under. Stand?’
I nodded, and she let go.

‘Right, let’s get down to business then. Because of your silly ideas, the Dark Lord will be angry. He didn’t want you to know this. Well done.’ She started clapping.

‘We don’t have to tell him.’ I said.
Adrian laughed. ‘Don’t tell him? He can find out with out us telling. Do you not know how good at Legilimency the Dark Lord is? He would find it out.’
‘I already knew most of it. I just wanted it confirmed.’

Rosie looked up. ‘How?’
‘I heard you talking at night. I came to speak to you, but I didn’t want to interrupt, and I heard…’
Rosie smiled. ‘Well, there you go. She guessed. Even the Dark Lord underestimated her.’
‘But will He believe us?’ Adrian asked.

‘If we tell Him now, straight away, and explain that she poisoned me, He should. I’ll go and get the Floo Power.’ She ran off, to return seconds later with a bag of green power in her hand.
‘We are all going there.’ She gave the bag to Adrian, and he took some power out. Walking up to the fire, he through it in, shouting ‘The Manor’. He stepped in to the fire and was gone.
‘Come on, Gwen.’ She took hold of my arm, and stepped into the fire.

Next thing I knew, we were out of Hogwarts, and into the house of the Dark Lord.

The End

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