Chapter 10

‘My full name is Rosie Lestrange. My parents where not supporters of the Dark Lord, so they were disowned to the pure-blood society. They had me, and tried to raise me as a weapon against Him. It was working. I thought I hated the Dark Lord and his ideas. Until I came to Hogwarts. Until he visited me.’

‘What are you doing, Rosie?’ Adrian stood up.
I looked at him. ‘Adrian, if you do not be quiet and sit down, I will hex you. I am trying to find things out.’ He looked shocked, but did. ‘Good, carry on.’

Rosie took a deep breath. ‘He came to us in the night, the day before school started. He said to me that he wanted my help. He needed me. The Dark Lord forgave me for being mislead, and said that he would help me become better. And he did.’
‘But why is he interested in me?’

‘The Dark Lord likes your family. Oh, yes, he knows your real family. Not the name “Seth” that your parents made. Your family have always been supporters of his cause. And so he chose you to be with him. You would be by His side, be so powerful, and known by everyone. You would be feared just as He is. Oh, how I wish it could be me…’ she trailed off.

‘But why do you need to be here? What has he sent you for?’
‘We were sent to see if you were ready. To make sure you wouldn’t back down or be scared to do things. And you are. You proved that by killing Leo. And-’ She was cut off by Adrian.
‘And by giving her Veritaserum. You really are ruthless, aren’t you? She’s meant to be your friend, and you poison her into giving you answers.’
I laughed. ‘My friend? A friend who would let me kill, and hurt? A friend would stop me from doing these things!’

‘No, Gwen. I resented you at first, I will say that. I couldn’t understand why He would want you. But then I came to know you, and yes, I am your friend. But are you saying you don’t want it? Because if you are…’ she looked at Adrian, who had got his wand out, pointing at me.

I stood still, carefully pulling out my own wand so I wouldn’t be noticed. ‘Did I say that? No. so, Adrian, I would put that away before you hurt someone. Because I agree with the Dark Lord. I am powerful.’
He stepped back. ‘Are you threatening me?’ he snorted. ‘You think you, an eleven year old, could take on me? Try it, kid.’
I raise my wand, and before he could do anything, I yelled. ‘Crucio!’

He fell to the floor, twisting in pain.
Rosie jumped up. ‘Stop it! Gwen, stop now.’

I did, but there was a noise behind me.
Professor Herme had just walked through the door. ‘What’s going on?’ he demanded.

The End

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