Chapter 9

It was a difficult thing to get. First, I had to get the teacher out of the way. Then I had to break in to the potion store room, and steal the right one. Then I had to get it to Rosie. I didn’t know how I was going to manage it.

But I knew I had to.

After potions on afternoon, I spilt my cauldron so I had to stay and clean up. Professor Herme paused at the door, looking back at me.
I smiled sheepishly. ‘It’s alright sir, ill clean this. You go.’
As I was the ‘perfect’ student, he did leave. I whipped out my wand and vanished the spill, and hurried to the store room.

The door opened. I ran in, looking around for the right bottle. As if it wanted to be used, it was on the first shelf. I grabbed it and went back out.
Phase one complete.

I was panicky for the rest of the day. Every time a door opened, I would jump, thinking it was a teacher, thinking they had found out what I had taken. But as nervous as I was, I wasn’t going to stop. I had to know.
Dinner went past, but I still didn’t have a chance to give the potion to Rosie. But I had to do it. And finally. Finally, I got he chance.
We were sat in the common room, when Rosie started coughing. Adrian sent me to get a drink, which I did. But I put the Veritaserum in there first. Giving it to her, I watched her gulp it down, and then a glazed look went into her eyes.

‘Are you alright?’ Adrian asked.
She looked at him. ‘Of course I am!’
Good. It seemed to work. ‘Rosie, Adrian, sit down.’ I said. They looked confused, but did so.

I looked at Rosie in the eyes. ‘Tell me everything.’ I said

The End

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