Chapter 8

She handed her self in the next day. Eyes glazed over, she walked up to the teachers during breakfast, and called out to the whole school.
‘I did it. I killed Leo. I hated him. And he was just there on Halloween. I had to.’ She shouted.

Guilt rushed through me. I did it, not her. And now she was going to be punished for it. I went to stand up, but Rosie grabbed my arm.
‘Don’t, Gwen. It was an accident. And you can’t be blamed for it. She said this was ok.’ Rosie hissed in my ear. I knew this wasn’t true, but I didn’t say anything. I knew what Rosie could do now. I wasn’t going to get on her bad side.

The last we saw of Lynda was Dumbledore taking her out of the hall by the door behind him. In the next couple of weeks, there were rumours flying around about her. That she had been taken to Azkaban, given to the Dementors for the kiss. But the only thing people knew for certain was that she wasn’t coming back. No one cared though. Not even Rosie. She acted as if Lynda had never existed.

For the next few weeks, Rosie kept quiet about doing other things. She said she wanted to make sure I was up to date on work, but I knew the real reason. I had kept up the late night listening, and had found out why. The Dark Lord had ordered that there was no more trouble.

‘He has punished me for losing us a valued Helper. But he sees the reasons why I did it.’ She had said to Adrian one night. ‘He wants us to keep things to a minimum for the next few weeks- he can’t loose any one else.’
Adrian snorted. ‘Valued. She hated the kid, and wanted her gone. It was a good thing she was taken.’
‘Yes, but the Dark Lord must not know that. He has to trust us.’

I had left after that. I truly did not understand what was going on. But I had an idea of how to find out. I knew that there was a truth potion. And I knew where to get it.


The End

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