Chapter 5

It was the 31st of October. In the common room, the 5 Slytherins, me, Rosie, Adrian, Lynda and another boy Rosie introduced, were all getting ready. The room slowly emptied, until Rosie looked at us and nodded. It was time.

‘Right, come on then. Robes on.’ Rosie said, pressing the lever to go out. She had got us different robes earlier that day, bewitching them to look like the Gryffindor colours.
We all trooped out, and along the corridor. Once we got to the Fat lady, Rosie pushed me forwards.
‘Your time, Kid.’ She said to me.

I walked forward. ‘Sanctuary’ I stuttered. The portrait swung forwards. We were in.
‘Stop!’ we heard a voice from within the room.
‘Who’s there?’ Rosie called back.

Four people walked out the shadows. I saw Rosie stiffen. ‘You really think we left the common unprotected, Rosie. You’re not the only ones with spies.’

Rosie smiled, and nodding to each one in turn, she replied calmly. ‘Leo, Bridget, Jake, Megan. I should have know it would be you. You don’t seem to understand that you do not matter to us. Defend if you will, but there are four of you, and five of us. And we’re better with wands.’ With a nod us, she whipped out her wand. We all did the same.

The room lit up with light as spells danced around. I was fighting against Leo, a 6th year. He was skilled, but even at eleven, I was quicker.
‘Confringo’ Leo shouted at me.
‘No you don’t!’ Rosie ran towards us. ‘Protego’ she said, saving me from the spell.
But he hadn’t given up. ‘Crucio’
But I was still quicker.

‘Avada Kedavra!’ I yelled. A flash of green, then silence.

I had just killed my first victim.

The End

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