Chapter 3

‘So. You’re Guinevere Seth. Welcome to our common room.’ A fifth year was looking down at me. ‘I’ve been wanting to meet you for a while. Our families have always worked closely.’ The people around her laughed. ‘I’m Rosie. Why don’t you come and sit with us?’

I looked around, and seeing no one else I could go with, I followed her to the corner of the room.

Sitting down, she smiled at the others around her. ‘So, it’s a new year. Any ideas?’

A boy answered. ‘We never had a chance to finish it last year.’

‘Ah, yes. Well, we have new help now. Guinevere, what do you say?’

‘What about?’

Rosie laughed. ‘Oh, how innocent!We have to be known for something.Itis our little game we play. We’re going to break into the Gryffindor common room. Are you with us?’

‘Um, ok?’

‘Good. Why don’t we introduce ourselves? I am Rosie Layla.’

One by one, the others stood up and smiled.

‘Adrian Corey’ The boy who spoke earlier.

‘Lynda Tanith’

Once they had all sat down again, Rosier looked back at me. ‘There’s only one thing you have to remember, Guinevere. Your either with us, or your with others. If we treat you like family, you treat us the same. Don’t double cross us. You will regret it if you do. Understood?’

I nodded.

Rosie smiled. ‘Good. Now, back to business.’

The End

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