Chapter 2

Hogwarts. ‘The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’. I was there at last. Once we had got to the school, we were told to wait in an empty classroom, while the rest of the school got ready for the sorting. Other 1styears were going into groups, huddled together, as if to hide. Me? I stood proud, knowing where I would be already. I didn’t want to talk to the others. They might not be pure.

The door opened, and a teacher walked in. ‘First years, we are ready. Line up and follow me.’

Walking in to the great hall, I felt the magic that was around. An enchanted ceiling, ghosts, and moving portraits. And right in the centre. An old, worn hat. I knew what to do. As our names were called out, we would put it on. But first-

Welcome students,

Young and old!

To Hogwarts-

School of gold!

4 houses once

Were placed in here,

Ravenclaw, Slytherin,

Hufflepuff, And Gryffindor.

Each house, a different

Gift they have-

Slytherins- the power

Hungry, cunning, and smart.

Hufflepuffs- their, loyal friends,

Family to one and all,

Ravenclaw- the clever ones,

Who know they are always right,

And lastly the Gryffindor’s!

Whose bravery beats them all.

Where ever you

Shall be placed-

Remember this-

We are one


Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. The teacher had already gone to stand by the hat. The sorting was about to begin.

‘Azeri, Thomas’

A Weedy looking boy ran up, and jammed the hat on his head.

‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ I would have guessed that.

‘Barnsley, Abigail’


And so it went on. One by one, the first years went to sit in their new tables. I watch for those in Gryffindor, and in Slytherin, until at last-

‘Seth, Guinevere.’

I walked up, the whole hall looking at me. They knew what would happen, I knew what would happen.


The end table cheered, as the others watched in silence. My future had just been written.

The End

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