Chapter 1

I’m from a half blood family. Half bloods as they are, they are sympathetic to the Dark Lords ideas. All people from my father’s side had been in Slytherin, and my mother was just the same. A mud blood Witch, rare, but it happens. And I knew I wouldn’t be any different.
I remember the first time my magic made itself known. My family had been waiting, trying to tempt it out of me. Nothing worked. Until I was 9. They had started calling me a squib- embarrassing enough for normal children, but for one of my background, it was horrific.
It was a week till my tenth birthday, and I knew that my parents were counting down. I could hear their whispers at night. The whispers that started when I was 7. They were like a dream- they didn’t sound like my parents, but who else would it have been?

‘If she doesn’t show soon, we will have to do something. I am not having one of them in the house.’ My father was saying.
I lost it, finally, when I was 9. What were they going to do? Get rid of me? I was their daughter. I felt something well up inside, as I burst through the door.

‘I am magic!’ I yelled. ‘I am your child!’ My parents just stared at me.
And then, a miracle happened. The wardrobe caught on fire. Sparks danced out of my fingers, as tears ran down my face.
‘Don’t you love me?’ I said.
They smiled. ‘Of course we do! Look at your potential now! We just were…worried, that’s all. That’s the best untrained magic I've seen.’ My mother said.
But I knew, deep down. It wasn’t me they loved. It was my magic.
They started training me the next day. I was given a wand- not my own, but they said it would have to do. They started with the basics. The Hexes- the Bedazzling Hex, to make myself unseen-Densaugeo, to use on others.
This carried on until I got my letter. I was in to Hogwarts. Nothing was going to stop me.

The End

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