It was during science which was right after french when I felt it, that odd feeling like pressure on my shoulders, it sent cold shivers down my spine.

It wasnt what I was sent here for, but it was curious, a demons energy that didnt feel particularily blood thirsty, it seemed, happy? But thats is impossible.


Just because I hadnt seen it before didnt mean it couldnt happen, and I could feel it, like waves that shook my spine but instead of fear or hate, it was warm.

Nevertheless my neck was feeling rather stiff and this odd pressure caught my attention, I made some lame excuse for the teacher and Claire and then I followed the direction of the pressure.

I was surprised to find myself being led outside by it, the trees were just blossoming and the sun was just warm enough that I didnt need the blazer I left in the classroom.

My eyes caught movement, there was a lake, it streched the length of the row of trees and it looked oddly out of place in the front of a school, there were a couple of ducks coated in pink blossom as they paddled.

However, it wasnt the ducks that caught my attention, it was what the ducks were swimming towards, near the edge of the lake was a small figure, she was crouching down and handing bits of bread to the not-so-shy ducks.


I tried to shape her name, but for some reason I couldnt break the scene, I felt that speaking wouuld ruin the beauty of the moment. She turned toward me, I wondered if I had said it outloud afterall, but as she spotted me her eyes widened and she smiled more.

She called me over with her hand to the edge of the lake, cautiously I kneeled down next to her and watched her feed the ducks that kept risking human company for an easy meal.

"aren't they beautiful?" she asked as a particulary bold duck snatched another piece of bread from her hand.

"I have never really thought about it." I said quitely, nearly a whisper so as not to desterb the scene.

"I love animals, im not ashamed to say I bunked out of third period to see them, it was like they were calling to me" her voice was light and slow, almost dreamy as she spoke "I just had to see them."

So, she felt the pressure too?

I looked at the ducks, there were six now paddling around us, I looked to see which one of them it was, which one was not a real duck, it didnt take long.

There was a small duck, slightly smaller than the others, it hung in the middle of the group yet it had a bearth of space around it, it seemed to glare rather than stare, and it was glaring at me.

"Your not allowed to be here." I said to both Lucy and the Duck, neither responded. "Lets go inside Lucy."

"yeah, thats probably a good idea." A voice came from behind us, Lucy didnt turn but I recognised the voice, Olivia stood there, looking annoyed, arms crossed and glasses Perched on her head.

The beauty of the scene cracked sharply, it was like the sky darkned with the strong breeze that blew most of the blossom from the ducks and more off the tree. The breeze drew a coldness that i was sure wasnt there before.

It also brought another strange feeling I hadnt felt in a long time, was I just entranced? No. Thats impossible, there was nothing strong enough here to entrance me.

Slowly Lucy turned slowly, her face probably a mirror of mine, confusion and shock, eventually smiled at her best friend, "Sorry Olive, I just had to see them!"

"Thats what I was afraid of, we know what your like." She replied.

Lucy pouted slightly but got up off the ground and linked arms with Olivia, when I was sure they were far enough away I whispered the words I knew so well and the duck burst into a thousand pieces of gold glitter which sunk under the waters surface.

Was I entranced by the duck? Not possible. A simple shapeshifter couldnt entrance me.

So what did?

The End

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