I saw him, he looked lost standing awkwardly in the middle of the corridor, I wasn't too surprised, he was overwhelmed like everyone new who came here, like I had been when I first came.

Hiding my shyness I strolled over, I expected him to be like the others, focused on nothing but school, but from 5 paces away I could tell he didnt come here to nerd up.

His hair was the darkest black I had ever seen and it looked wild and messy, he was tall, well, almost everyone was tall compared to me, but he was tall. His bag was slung over his shoulder, it moved slightly as he shook his head, probably thinking about how ridiculous this school was.

I breathed deeply then smiled "hey!" I realised I shouted a bit too loud, as he turned my breath caught slightly, his eyes were such a light blue that they looked like the sky itself. He was slightly too pale and his hair slightly too perfect, but I ignored it.

"Hey!" I said again, slightly quiter this time "Im Lucy, consider me the welcoming commity 'cos you aint getting one." I recolled the first memory I had of here, I had been so alone back then.

I cautiously moved my arms behind my back, in a movement I suspect he didnt notice. He looked at me for a second too long, seeming to wonder if I was friend or foe, but then his lips curled into a relieved smile.

"Im Luke," he said offering his hand for me to shake, how polite.  "its nice to meet you." he said, his voice soft and deep.

"Nice to meet you too." I said and then gestured at the other students "its nice to meet someone who isnt a clone."

He laughed in a friendly way  "I was just thinking that."

"Dont worry, there not all like this, only most, I dunno whats up with them, they are just really determined I guess." I said too quickly not sure how much he knew, I shrugged "Anyway who needs them when we have the crazy people I like to call my friends.

I pulled him down to the cantine just as the nearest student turned to us, glaring, he seemed a bit shy when I introduced him to my friends, but it was okay, they accepted him easily after seeing he wasnt one of those freaky clones.

It wasn't long before Claire started quizzing the hell out of the boy

Ahhhh. A secret is it?

He was blurting out some rubbish when I saw him glance at me like he was asking for help, I nudged Claire slightly too hard, she didnt say anything but it probably left a decent bruise "Claire, thats rude."

"sorry." she muttered, but she wasnt really, I could still see the curiositty burning in her eyes.

His eyes seemed relieved, Olivia, noticed my not so subtle action and  threw herwself even more into the conversation, I didnt really care though, I nodded and laughed at the right points but my mind wandered.

I found myself debating whether the clones had souls when something caught my eye, it was a small movement, barley noticeable, the new boy titled his head down slightly.

What are you thinking new boy?

He seemed deep in thought, his black hair covering those eyes, he was fidling with something on his hand, I had to hold back the gasp that I felt was choking me, I looked up at him, his desperate eyes so sad.

The bell broke my concentration, I literally jumped out of my skin, I plastered the smile back onto my face and pretended I noticed nothing, I stood up slowly, not sure if my legs were stable.

Calm down!

"You can come with me Luke, I have maths." I said, surprised that my voice had come out so even. Slowly he stood up too.

"Okay, and in which of the millions of rooms is it in?" he asked, Olivia looked up at me, she noticed my reaction, I laughed and ruffled her hair. It was to show her I was okay.

"312" I said, he seemed horrified by that, and stupidly I realised that most schools don't have 400 rooms "dont worry its not nearly as big as it seems."

I could tell he didnt believe me.

The End

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