I looked up at my new school, it surly was amazing, from the outside it looked like a qaint old school house, with crumbling bricks and ivy on the walls, but when you got inside, it was super high tech, everything was computerised, even the lockers where finger print sensative.

I breathed out heavily, shaking my head. And its massive.

I scanned the hall, it was a windowless thing, and impossiably long, it looked strange under the glow of dim blue lights that lit it up. On the walls at regular intervals there were screens on the wall, altering students of the time, room changes, the weather and which teachers were currently away.

Normally im quite a confident person, but I couldn't even move here, the air literally smelt of academics and confusion. Im never going to fit in .

"Hey!" A  bubbly voice shouted from behind me, I turned around to see her, she was quite short and had long dark hair which curled slightly at the ends. She had big brown eyes although one was mostly covered by her side fringe which swept across her face.

She was wearing  the same uniform as everyone else, for girls it consited of a rather short pinafore dress over a white, puffy sleved white blouse. She looked different though, she wore thick black tights and blue converse, she also had covered her pinafore with lots of colourful badges.

"Hey!" She said again, smiling widly at me "Im Lucy, consider me the welcoming commity 'cos you aint getting one."

I smiled back, so this was the Lucy I would be shadowing, I instantly felt relieved, and feeling happy I had found someone who didnt look like a  zombie.

"Im Luke," I said offering my hand for her to shake, smiling she raised an eyebrow and shook my hand  "its nice to meet you." I finished lamely.

"Nice to meet you too." She said and then gestured at the corridor "its nice to meet someone who isnt a clone."

I Laughed  "I was just thinking that."

"Dont worry, there not all like this, only most, I dunno whats up with them, they are just really determined I guess." She shrugged "Anyway who needs them when we have the crazy people I like to call my friends.

And with that she lead me down  the corridor to our left, and then straight down the stairs, out the heavy wooden doors into what looked like a lunch hall. It too was lit by those annoying blue lights, but it was a lot brighter in here.

The room was massive, what seemed like hundreds of tables were spued at random intervals around the room, all being sat at by students who ate and talked, but didnt seem to have much of a personality.

Lucy took us right into an alclove on the side of the room, there was  a long table which held three kids, two girls and one boy.

"This is Amber, Curt and Olivia." Lucy said pointing at them one at a time.

The first girl looked very tom boyish, though she had long brown hair, she was wearing a longer pinafore dress with a heavy black jumper over the top with a logo that read 'if your reading this your stupid!'

The other girl, who introduced herself as Olivia Eyre, was only  slightly taller than Lucy, she had natural, bright ginger hair that was only up to her shoulders and a thick fringe nearly covering her odd yellow eyes. Olivia was wearing black jeans and a deep marron jumper over the top, which looked suspiciouly a lot like the P.E Jumper.

The one guy was of a very dark complection, he had dark eyes as well, framed by a pair of blue glasses which seemed glued to his face. He wore the male uniform, black trousers, white shirt and a black blazer with odd white trimming on it. His hair was quite thick but short, and looked like a childs hair cut.

Lucy sat down next to Olivia, it was clear this group was close and I felt odd just walking into it. I smiled awkwadly at the guy, who to my relife smiled and continued his conversation with Amber, they were actually pretty funny and I was laughing a long with them before long.

After a couple of minutes another girl walked along and sat down, she smiled at me too.

"New guy hey? Im Claire." She said with a wave, she had obviously bleached blonde hair with the roots of deep brown starting to show. She too, wore jeans but under her school shirt was a deep blue one with a logo reading 'I was too bad for hell so they kicked me out.' She had undon the buttons on her shirt so people could read it, over the top she wore the female version of the blazer and like Lucy she had covered it with badges, hers slightly more dark.

As they quized me about my history I felt oddly guilty, I was quite used to lying but these guys seemed so honest and nice with me, it felt almost wrong.

"So you had to leave your last school 'cos your dad died?" Claire asked excited, her bright green eyes glowing as she munched on a giant cheese roll.

Lucy rolled her eyes slightly and elbowed Claire on the arm "Claire, thats rude."

"Sorry," Claire muttered, not looking sorry at all.

Though Lucys tone had cut her mad questioning short and the group soon returned to their everyday conversations about maths homework and the science test.

Oddly, I found myself thinking about how I came to be here.

About the fire, about the monsters about my father dying. Even thinking about it now made a cold sweat run down my neck, hot tears prick my eyes and I subconciously gripped the ring on my left hand.

And then I noticed Lucy looking over at me from the other side of the table, her smile almost wiped off her face, her dark eyes inquistive and interested. For a second I could have sworn she was reading my mind.

But the second past and with the metalic bell, she blinked a couple of times and the smile returned to her face and she stood up slowly and carefully.

"You can come with me Luke, I have maths." She said, awkwardly I stood up smiled too.

"Okay, and in which of the millions of rooms is it in?" I asked, Lucy laughed as she ruffled Olivia's hair.

"312" she said,  and smiled again when she saw my horror struck face "dont worry its not nearly as big as it seems."

I pulled another face as we headed back up the stairs. Great maths.

The End

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