The story begins as the main character is captured by two mysterious kidnappers. I tried to inject a little humor into the story, maybe I succeeded? Feel free to add on if you want.

                “Great day, huh?” the small, portly man with the bowler hat commented lightly as we crawled out of the rank, filthy sewer-hole into the warm daylight. Well, they crawled, I was kind of dragged behind them. The other man, no doubt the intended recipient of the comment, was silent as he lugged me out of the manhole. I decided to chime in.

“Yeah, a real fine day to kidnap random kids.” I jeered hotly. Once again I struggled against my bonds, though by now I knew it was useless. I just wanted to make this as difficult as possible.

“Well, yes, the weather was helpful but we owe it all to you, Mr. Brey. Leaving the manhole uncovered was very helpful indeed. I never would have guessed you had taken to crawling through the sewers like a rat.” He responded smoothly.“Stop struggling, please. You’re giving Dan trouble.” The flushed, stout man suggested. The other man, who I assumed to be Dan, grunted as I kneed him in the side of his head. He glanced at me sheepishly and flipped me over on his shoulder, with my face now looking up into the sky, my knees facing upwards safely away from his head.

“Dan,” the short man chided, “Always bind the knees. It’s a higher priority than the feet.” He slid the manhole cover back into place. “Dan’s new to this business.” He explained apologetically. He stood up and began strolling nonchalantly down the street. “I’ll bring the car around.” He called back to Dan, who nodded. I watched, upside-down, as the man walked away, twirling his bowler hat between his fingers. Retrospectively, I should have known something was up the moment I saw the dumb bowler hat on his head not three hours ago. People who wear bowler hats are never up to any good. I mentally slapped myself at the mistake.

                While waiting for the bowler hat guy to pull his car around, I decided to employ my plan A of escape.

“Dan, can you please put me down and untie me and let me go?”  Dan cheerlessly shook his head. And so ended plan A.

                For the next few minutes I entertained myself utilizing various strategies of getting Dan to speak, all of which failed to provoke more than a nod or shake of the head. I was feeling frustrated and panicky as the full weight of the situation settled in and smothered my mind. Questions churned frantically out of my mouth, aimed at no one and answered by no one. When a slick, black car came cruising to a stop in front of us Dan gratefully stowed me, still screaming, in the trunk.

                Surrounded by a dank dark, I stopped yelling and tried to calm my breathing. I heard a muffled, voice, obviously the bowler hat guy’s, from inside the car but as the engine buzzed to life it became impossible to tell what he was saying. The car began moving, and I contented myself with staring at the thin cracks of light that outlined the trunk door.

The End

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