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This story is dedicated to all my friends back in england. xx i love you guys, thanks for hiding my back in Tech when i was writing this :P

I turned and looked back, big mistake, he was standing across the small clearing, watching me.

The forest seemed to get darker around us, until then it had seemed like a normal forest. Realization just hit; this was a big forest, so big you could walk in a straight line from your entering point and – if there with no breaks taken – it would take a month and a half before reaching the other end. At the moment, I was close to the middle of the forest.

I’d been running from him for days, and now he’d found me…again.

He looked the same; he always did when I saw him.

With his spiked blonde hair and, catlike, emerald green eyes, he looked like a god; he had the body for it too. I knew under his plain black t-shirt were his tanned muscles.

Images from last month filled my head, that was a time when we were happy, me and him against the world, now everything had changed, now he was hunting me, we both knew he’d win, but I couldn’t give up.

An image of us sitting by a lake came into my head. It was our lake, the lake only we knew about, the sun always shined on it, if the sun wasn’t shining on it the moon was. The lake was by his house, just on the outskirts of the forest.

They were good times, happy times, before I’d discovered his secret…

I shook my head, bringing myself back to reality.

He took a step towards me – creasing his dark green army trousers. I took a step back, banging into the tree behind me and getting bark into my chin length blonde hair.

He took another step forward. What should I do? I began to panic and was sure he could see it in my light purple eyes.

I spun around and ran. Hoping he wouldn’t follow, and knowing he would. He would follow me and watch me, nothing more; he enjoyed a good chase with his hunt.

He would watch me run, watch me sleep, and watch my fear.

I had to keep running, if I could lose him maybe he’d get bored and leave me alone, I didn’t believe he would, but it was my only hope. The only hope keeping me alive, keeping me from giving up.

Night was drawing near and I needed to sleep. I stopped running and leaned against a tree. As I stood there panting I waited.

Eventually I heard it, his laughter, it wasn’t nice cheerful laughter, just laughter, with no emotion in it, it sounded deadly and sent chills up my body causing goose bumps, it always did, I always heard his laughter when I rested, and I knew it was him. His laughter echoed around the forest, I couldn’t hear or see where it was coming from, but I knew it was close, it always was.

I turned to face the tree once the laughter had stopped. I knew this was going to be hard but didn’t care, I needed somewhere to rest.

I started climbing the tree, it was hard, the bark dug into my nails and tore at my skin, I felt so much pain each night, every time I had to climb a tree.

Finally, I reached a branch thick enough to hold me, and close to the top.

I pulled myself onto it and inspected my injuries for tonight. I had lots of scratches on my bare hands and feet, not many scratches on my bare arms and legs. My dark blue vest top and black shorts protected me from too many injuries.

I needed some new clothes, I’d had these on since the hunt began, I’d had a couple of baths – with my clothes on – in rivers and streams I found in the forest, but they were going to get torn soon.

I sighed and lay down on the branch, a month ago I’d been a normal 18 year old, going out to parties and having a laugh with my friends, now because of him I was in a giant forest being hunted.

Why did this have to happen to me? I had a great life, and I had found love and friendship, I had many friends and had fallen in love with a beautiful guy, a nice, sweet, kind guy, nothing like the guy chasing me, they were two completely different people now.

I’d fallen in love with Jacob, but when I’d discovered his secret, he was no longer the Jacob I knew, he was Jake, my hunter, and I didn’t love him. I despised him. Everything was his fault, everything was his doing.

That stupid secret ruined everything!

I cried out in sadness and burst into tears, I hated my life! I curled myself into a ball and fell asleep crying.

I dreamt of his secret, that stupid secret.

It was just written out a thousand times in head.

I woke up with a start, something was watching me – I knew it was Jake but he was closer then normal.

“What do you want?!” I shouted to the sky, aiming my question at Jake.

“Nothing,” the reply whispered from tree to tree, sending chills down my body.

I burst into fresh tears. Why? Why? Why? I wanted to go home.

The End

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