Chloe and Vordain are vampires, though the most unusual pair. Vordain thrives in his feeding, despite the madness and weakness that always follows, whilst Chloe feeds as little as possible. Vordain never managed to control his bloodlust, though he always tried not to go overboard. He wasn't all bad, but he and Chloe had always been hunted. A group of humans that loathed everything about vampires and wanted to wipe them off the face of the earth. Some with more personal matters in mind...

Chloe rubbed her swollen cheek as she stared into the mirror. “Sure,” she muttered, her voice light and meek. “I’m the monster. I could show them a real monster.” She brushed her pale hand over her cheek once more and the swelling immediately vanished. She pressed the palm of her white hand to the mirror, watching her reflection between her long slender fingers. Green eyes shone in the snow-white face. Black locks curled down around her shoulders, a few short locks sweeping over her forehead. That wasn’t the face of a monster, was it? Smooth, flawless skin, straight black eyebrows over her small eyes, plump red lips. Innocence glowed in each smooth feature.

But she was cursed. She didn’t look a day older than nineteen. For five years she’d been forced from place to place because of him. She accompanied him everywhere, and whenever that group was near, they went somewhere else. They would have to leave soon again. She couldn’t afford to let herself get into a fight like that again. They could follow her back.

A door slammed and she whipped around, emerald eyes wide. She knew that sound. He was in a frenzy. Chloe hurried out into the next room and stood before him, gazing into his maddened black eyes as her hands rested on his arms. She was calm, her eyes cool, any sign of nervousness numbed. He grasped her shoulders, his eyes very slowly fading to their normal silver, but his nails digging deep into her skin. Chloe grimaced at the stabbing pain but didn’t move. As she saw it, this was what she was there for, otherwise he would rip things apart. He’d done it before.

As his rush passed, he slumped into her, making her sag under his weight. Chloe adjusted her strengths and half-carried, half-dragged him into the one bedroom they had. He was exhausted now, but when he woke he would be full of energy, ready to take on the world while she fed and exhausted herself. If she lasted that long. She was already weak, having not fed for several days, but she managed. If nothing else, he would bring someone to her; as he had some times before.

Chloe sat on the bed, staring at his motionless form. He was the one who had changed her into this … monstrosity. He had said that it was to escape the loneliness. To have a companion who wouldn’t die over time. And she had known no one else like them, so she’d had no choice but to be with him. So for five years she remained at his side, watching him lose control every other day. Come back to her without an ounce of strength and then return to a state where he would be running around wild until she needed him.

But while he was out… she was able to run free. She smoothly ran her hands over the small punctures on her shoulders and the flesh knit together, leaving no trace of her injuries. Chloe quietly went to the door and opened it. A crisp wind bit at her pale flesh, whipping at her short violet dress and piercing through her black leggings. Her dark hair whirled around her head as she stepped up to the railing that ran down the flights of stairs against the building. With bare feet she stepped up onto the railing, standing perfectly still before launching herself through the air, landing lightly on the opposing roof. She was normally very conserving in her energy, but the day before her feeding she allowed herself to let loose. She loved the sensation of flying over the city without a single eye aware of her fleeting presence.

Chloe leapt from rooftop to rooftop, soon coming to the heart of the city, where she would be just another person. Barefoot, she walked down the street, watching the strangers stagger around drunkenly, prepared for the slightest mishap. She saw a group of girls stare enviously after her as she walked by.

Her light jean jacket afforded some protection from the crisp night air, but not much, so she wandered into one of the many bars. The stuffy air didn’t affect her as she sat alone at a table. Her green-eyed gaze swept fluidly over the many faces, curious to what it felt like to be able to live again. She couldn’t remember anymore. It had been too long since her heart had a beat, since her skin had had colour. It had been too long since she had been the frail young woman who feared the city nightlife. But now she had nothing to fear of it. She was still frail in his eyes, but she could easily kill any one person in that building in just a few seconds.

A sigh escaped her lips. Cigarette smoke created an unpleasant haze in the place, shrouding everyone in a toxic cloud. Her dead gaze surveyed the scene of drunkenness, pitying their escape from reality and its pains. And yet there she sat, escaped from reality’s pains. An unusual escape, but an escape nonetheless.

Chloe stood and moved back toward the exit. Someone caught her arm and pulled her back. She cast the man a calm, emotionless look.

“Heys, wunna danth?” the man asked, almost incomprehensibly, and most obviously drunk.

Chloe turned away. “I would really rather not,” she murmured, pulling her arm away. “And if you’re wise, you’ll leave me alone.” Her mouth watered slightly, eager for the taste of blood. This was a bad idea, she told herself, as she had many times before. She could feel the need for blood weakening her. She hurried out of the bar and into a side ally before launching herself up onto one of the rooftops.

Strength abandoned her and she dropped painfully to her knees. She sat for a moment on the cold roof, waiting for enough energy to come to her so that she could make it back to her ‘home’. Her eyes focussed on the stars overhead, sparkling like diamonds in the black sky. After some time she slowly got back to her feet and walked to the edge of the roof. Chloe nimbly leapt to the next roof, slowly making her way back to her home.

When she reached the apartment and entered, closing the door after her, she slumped to the floor and didn’t move, letting rest come to her.


Chloe sat on the bed, waiting for Vordain’s return. She watched the door to the room, listening keenly. She could barely move at that point, having used her last bits of energy returning there the night before, so it was more than she could manage to go out and feed. She just waited for Vordain to bring someone to her. Wrapped up in a blanket, she was growing weaker by the moment.

She gave a start when the main door slammed open. She heard the thud of something hitting the floor and then the door closing. The scratching of something heavy being pulled off of the ground, and the door to the bedroom opening.

Vordain carried a limp human over his shoulder as he entered the room, his short dark brown hair falling in front of his eyes, his face down-turned. He dropped his prey a middle-aged man on the floor beside the bed. “Feast away,” he murmured, his voice deep and quiet. He calmly left the room and closed the door behind her; knowing how much she hated being watched.

Chloe knelt beside the unconscious man and moved his collar just slightly before sinking two sharp fangs into a vein in his neck. Her lips covered the punctures and she sucked out the blood. The sweet liquid filled her mouth, flooding her senses completely. Her eyes flashed to a ruby red, the madness of ancient vampires taking control. In an instant she seemed to lose all sense of anything around her.

Vordain stood motionless outside the room, waiting for the rage to come, as he knew it would. He heard Chloe get up, her toenails scratching against the floor, and then the sound of tearing fabric. He opened the door to see her helplessly grasping the now torn bed sheets, quite obviously afraid, although her crimson eyes glinted with anger. A soft huff escaped his lips and he sat her down on the bed, prising the bed sheets from her fingers and holding her by her wrists to keep her from striking.

His silver gaze glanced coldly at the corpse on the floor, the last few drops of blood oozing from the puncture wounds. The blood still soaked Chloe’s lips, a fierce crimson shine in the room’s faint light. Vordain laid her down and turned her onto her side, facing her to the wall, so she could pass through the usual madness in peace without tearing the room apart.

He stared at her as she trembled. Vordain didn’t love her, and definitely hadn’t when he had changed her, but he had grown fond of her through the years he’d had her with him. Love wasn’t there, but there was a particular care for her that had developed. Besides, she helped him remain secret, as he did for her. The relationship was beneficial for them both, even if they saw the lifestyle differently.


Chloe clutched her head, wishing the rattling would stop. Her eyes groggily opened and her stomach churned from the jostling. She was being carried over Vordain’s shoulder while he ran, his feet barely touching the ground as the world rushed past. Chloe weakly pounded on his back to get him to stop. It came slowly, but he did eventually slow down and come to a stop.

Vordain set Chloe on the ground and knelt beside her. “They were in the city; I had to get us out before they tracked us down,” he told her. “Are you hungry? Do you need food?” Chloe nodded and Vordain dug through the satchel he had over his shoulder, pulling out a few pieces of white bread and an apple. “I could smell him; they were getting close. Probably got one of the others…” He glanced back the way he had come. “I noticed others leaving. I’m not sure who got out.”

“I should have told you,” Chloe murmured, slowly chewing on the bread. “I ran into the girl. The redhead. Just before you came back from your feeding. She… might have tracked me.”

“Don’t worry about that. We’re out now. We’re gone and there’s still a few of the others in the city. They’re probably held up in the city still. Just finish eating.”

The End

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