Carmen was tired. The whole day had been terrible for her. She had one million and one things to do and all she could think of was him. Why was she getting so distracted? She needed to think straight. After making this decision, Carmen dragged herself off the couch and opened up a window. 'Fresh air will make me more calm', she thought. As she flicked up the latch of the window, she spotted a car in the lot. From what she could see, it looked like a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Carmen immediately rushed about trying to get a look together. 'Oh God', she panicked, 'Why didn't he call before coming?!' She had one sock on and a nightshirt when there was a sharp knock at the door. In an attempt to pull her sock off and get the door simultaneously, she managed to smack her head on the kitchen counter. 'SHIT! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!' Carmen finally threw the sock across the room and swiftly walked down the hall. She quickly glanced in the cracked mirror that hung next to her and sighed. 'Oh well. It will do.' Rushing to the door, Carmen took off the lock, and opened it to her guest.


The End

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