It had been almost a month since he left. A month that had seemed to go on forever. A month spent trying to fill the empty space in her heart.

Esrin woke to the sound of music; the heavy metal, ground thumping kind. In a flash, she was up and making herself a coffee. She hated living near humans. They were so annoying and whiny. Well, most of them. A second later, she heard a knock at the door. Not interested in socialising, she replyed with a blunt "What?!" At that moment, A deep smooth voice sliced right through her. "Open the door."

Esrin froze.

Was it him? It couldn't be...

She slowly walked across the messy black carpet, and lent on the scratched wooden door. Taking a deep breath and closing her smudged eye lids, Esrin gently opened the door.

The End

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