Through another's eyes

To quell the chaos...we must cleanse the world of the Western barbarians....

Sun Jian the Black stared at the setting sun, his jet black eyes staring coldly at the descending star of light. His left hand gripped the handle of his katana, slowly spinning it around. Where his right arm should have been was a stump, an everlasting memento of his first failure. His first and his last. He had shown pity towards his opponent and was rewarded with mutilation.

"So how do you feel Sazumo?"

The swordsman whipped around and came face to face with an armoured old man. His hair was gray and tied in a ponytail. But he still had the aura of authority, of leadership. It was this very aura that had convinced Sazumo the Black to offer his blade to Cao Tsu, Warlord of freedom and the leader of the Bloody Talon. He was a powerful man and despite his exiled status among the royals of the Nippon court, there were still some officials who clung to his idea of a manifest destiny, a destiny where only the Easterners would rule.

"Your answer depends. Is it a feeling of power over tearing that town to shreds, to pave the way to a better future? Or is it a feeling of disgust, for allowing it to be plundered by our soldiers who are sworn to a path of "peace" and "enlightenment?" Sazumo stared at the old man with a gaze that would have tensed up a regular man. But to Cao Tsu it only made him blink.

"My friend you are mistaken. We pillage a town full of heretics and demons. They are impure so we shall take their possesions and cast them away, for they are unclean."

The two men stared at a group of soldiers, dressed in red leather with various bands and pieces of armour. Once these "freedom fighters" were regular peasants, converted from their agricultural lifestyle to one of war. Screaming and laughing was coming from the group, but it was the screaming of a young woman that caught Sazumo's attention. 

"What the hell..." Suddenly Sazumo's eyes opened wide. He realized what the rebels had in mind. Quick as lighting he rushed towards the group, delivering a running knee to one soldiers face and a high kick to another.

"What the hell yooou want?" A soldier slurred. He was stone drunk, evident from a large vase that was half empty. Sazumo stared ar him then the girl. The drunken soldiers eyes grew wide "That here's our who-" A flash of light and the man was on the ground, a blade just inches away from his throat.

"Hey what you think you're doing?!" the soldier cried. Three of his comrades holding the crying young woman released her, throwing her frail body to the ground. She immediately curled up into a ball, her muffled sobs barely covered by the rags of what had once been her dress.

"Traitor! Protecting this westerner!"

"We should hang you for this!"

Sazumo twirled his blade gracefully then pointed again at the man's throat. "You call yourselves soldiers, fighting the western barbarians...yet you are lower then them, not even worthy to dine with pigs." A particularly large soldier growled at him, drawing his blade and running head on at the samurai.

"No!" Cao Tsu yelled. But he was too late. A flash of metal and a spurt of blood followed by the moan of death. Down the soldier came, his eyes wide open in shock. His comrades looked at their slain comrade, then at his killer. The one armed samurai gazed at the remaining soldiers, his black eyes seeming inhuman, demonic even. He twirled his sword and pointed at yet another soldier. "Does anyone else want to join this man in the afterlife?" He barked.



The End

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