Carmen Hart and Blane Nightwood are in love. But this isn't just any kind of love; its blood love. But when Carmen goes missing, Blane is torn apart. Along with his ex girlfriend Esrin De'amour and best friend Lucas Stone, Blanes never ending search for his beloved begins..

As Blane drove into the empty car park outside the towering apartment blocks, his mind was spinning. He knew that starving himself to see her was a bad idea, but his thirst could wait; she was more important. He brought the car to a sudden stop, turned off the engine and angrily flung open the car door. As Blane shot out of the car, the fresh night air hit him, tearing at his clothes. He needed to see her now. Before his senses overpowered him. Glancing up at her window, he saw the faint light shining from her bedroom, and flew across the darkened lot, eager for her touch.

The End

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