Hunk Next Door

Rosie looked out her bedroom window for the 6th time in the last hour. But she couldn’t help it; she was just so amazed by what she saw. The cottage just across the road from her had finally been bought and her new neighbours were finally moving in.
“Rosie? Are you awake?” yelled a voice.
“Yeah! I’m in my room Lilly!” Rosie replied. Lilly and Rosie had known each other since they were toddlers. They were almost like sisters.
“The Cottage across the road isn’t empty anymore!” Yelled Lilly with excitement as she ran into the room. “It’s about time don’t you think?” she continued still sounding rather excited.
“I take it you’ve seen the hottie then? Why else would you be so bothered?” laughed Rosie.
“You mean you’ve seen him? He is dreamy isn’t he?!” Lilly replied quietly so quiet she was almost whispering!
“Yes I’ve seen him! I haven’t been able to take my eyes off him since them moment he got out of that car!” screamed Rosie! At that moment she noticed the window was wide open, she turned around and saw that the hunky boy next door was staring up at the window. Lilly and Rosie shot down as fast as they could.
“Do you think he saw us?” whispered Lilly
“I’m not sure, I don’t think so...” whispered Rosie. The two girls stayed still for a few minutes then slowly peeped their heads out of the window.
“He’s gone!” they moaned.

The next day Rosie was awoken by a knock at the front door. She got up, pulled a dressing gown over her and began to head for the front door. Yawning, Rosie peeped through the little Peep Hole in the middle of her door and there he was! The ‘Hunk Next Door’ was standing in her front garden. She froze in horror and hid in the living room. She realised this could be the only chance she gets to speak to him but she looked dreadful. How could she go out in public looking the way she did?!

The door knocked a few more times then eventually there was a very long silence. Rosie looked through the peep hole and let out a sigh of a relief to find that ‘Hunk Next Door’ had gone. “Phew!” she sighed. Suddenly her door knocked again, this time it was Lilly. Rosie opened the door and pulled her friend in, quickly shutting the door behind her.
“What on earth are you doing?” Lilly shrieked
“Hunk Next door was just standing on my front garden!” Rosie yelled “And he looks even hunkier close up!”
“Yeah! I saw him leave, he smiled at me! What did he say?” Lilly said, jumping with excitement.
“Oh, well nothing! I didn’t answer the door.” Rosie replied realising what a big opportunity she just missed out on.
“You’re joking right? What do you mean you didn’t answer the door?” Lilly asked sounding very shocked.
“Well Lilly, look at me! I couldn’t go to the door looking like this. He’d have run a mile!” Rosie replied. At this moment Lilly took a good look at her friend only just realising what she had on. Lilly nodded in agreement then sighed.
“You still should have answered” she said. “Now come on, let’s go upstairs and fix you up. We might be able to catch him and ask him what he wanted!” Rosie loved that about Lilly. The way she made things sound so easy all the time. If only things were always as easy as that Rosie thought.

The End

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