Hungry Joe

This is a short story for English students based on the vocabulary words from lesson 1. Short and sweet...this is just to help English students get extra practice with the words they are learning.

There is a guy named Joe. He is hungry. Joe wants something to eat. He really wants to eat some chocolate. But he doesn’t have any chocolate. Joe groans and sits down on a chair

Joe picks up his backpack. He opens the backpack to see if he has some granola bars. But there aren’t any granola bars in his backpack. He groans again loudly. 

He stands up and walks around the table. He walks to the trashcan and squats down beside it. He opens the trashcan to see if there is anything to eat in there.

Joe sees some old cookies in the trashcan, but they are all soggy. He also sees some apples in the bottom of the trashcan, but they are brown and rotting. Joe doesn’t see anything that looks good. 

He groans again for the third time. Joe is so hungry he starts to cry. He really wants something to eat. But he doesn’t have anything good to eat.

The End

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