Breaking Point

 " Please, have a seat."
  His forced politeness, for once, looking for all the world as real as his cruelty outside the office, Sir Bruethen gestured to a comfortable red leather highback.
 "I have much to discuss with you, Mr Philborne, about our newest arrival, and you will tell me what I need to know."  
 Sir Bruethen was not a man one would easily stand up to. Built like a brick wall, he was all muscle and bone. Standing up at 6 foot 3, he towered over the sweating and nervous Doctor Philborne.  From the opposite side of a long mahogany desk, only a shade or two darker than the chair Philborne was now sitting, Bruethen looked at Philborne, unblinking. The doctor, mustering all his boldness, sat up straight , feigning boldness, though his whole body was wracked with tremors. He was a rather weak man.
"...I don't know much you expect to learn from this most improper meeting. I al..(breath)..already told you I know very little on this condition...a...and I still find it rather cruel, even for cause of research, which in an...and of itself is...uhm..."
Sir Bruethen gives the Doctor a bemused look as he trails off, and shakes his head.
"Stop. Just...quit with your ideals and dreams, doctor. I need to know how to break him, and soon. I understand you have found a way to induce the beast? "

The doctor looks away and down.
  If only Bruethen could have been there. If only he could have seen what the edging of the toes against this line between man and beast had wraught an age ago, he would be far less keen on playing with the fire hidden behind the man in the cell.

"Look at me!" Stormed Bruethen, snapping Philborne back into the present " I need to know now. You must tell me NOW. If we can pull the beast from within this beast...
"He's still a man"
"...then we may have a chance at saving the rest of them. But we have to know what they are capable of."

"I...I can't just waltz on down there and say some m...magic word and make him appear! He's h...hungry, that helps, but it still doe...doesn't mean we can get him to break His resolve is very strong to keep the...other side...tu...tucked away deep within. He know's it's strength, and..."

"I know that strength also! And that is why you WILL break his resolve, or else you will never leave this place. I have plenty of more hostile creatures here, some who would kill for a good meal. So don't let me down, Doctor. Now go down there and get me some positive results."

Hanging his head, Doctor Philborne half stands, half is pulled, to his feet, and escorted to the door by the two grungy men who dragged him in

"Oh, and Philborne?" Bruether placidly allows through his curled lips, "Don't get too close. I'd hate for all that things starving to go to waste."

The End

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