Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Humpty sits on his wall for more than just the view he's waiting for someone. When they come Humpty gets too excited and falls off his wall. The Princess trys to care for him. He's just too much work.

I sit on the great huge wall. Overlooking the beautiful kingdom I live in.

My name is Humpty.

When there is the slightest of movement I shutter. Never once have I fell.

I stay here in the morning, the day, and the night. Whenever I'm hungry I always ring the bell that sits next to me. One of the King's men brings me food.

Some village people say I'm going nuts.

They don't know why I'm here or what I do.

I'm here because I'm waiting for someone. I don't know who or when he/she will come,but in my heart I know there is someone coming that is not from the village.

I will be here when they come.

Sometimes the King's daughter likes to come and sit with me. When she does I feel less lonely. She is the only one who is my friend. The only one who cares if I get hurt. Plus I think she feels something for me. Like I'm not just her friend. Like I'm meant for her.

I know, I know I might just be imagining it. Why would the Princess like me?

I mean I have a large head, a tiny neck, and a small body. Why?

I've been trying to figure that out all my life, but I couldn't find out.

The End

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