Grace Thaxton, a survivor of the Apocalypse, struggles to survive the new reformed Earth.

A man rushes outside to find an underground bomb shelter, believing that it would safe for now. He looks up and sees massive meteors raining down upon what’s left of Atlanta. The largest tornadoes ever seen by mankind surround the city; most of 285 is flooded from an tsunami that hit the coast. Earthquakes powerful enough to make skyscrapers tumble rupture the city. He manage to get to his car, thankfully it’s still intact. The man gets in and drives fast as the mazda will go, recklessly avoiding the calamity around. Now, there’s nowhere he can go. He curves around an intersection before one of the meteors land next to the car, causing it to shoot into the air. The mazda lands on it’s side and rolls across the street before being picked up by a tornado. “Shit.” The man says to himself as blood runs down his face. Another car caught in the vortex smashes into his, causing the engine to ignite. The man looks up at his phone that’s in the air because the tornado. his ringtone plays,”But It’s Better If You Do” by Panic! At The Disco. Grace is calling, he reaches out for the phone right before a street light crashes through the windshield and slams into the man’s chest, causing him spit up blood. He grabs the phone and slides the screen to answer. “Hello? Are you okay?” Grace asks, “Jon?” He opens his mouth and utter, “Grace..” “Jonathan? Are you alright? You sound hurt!” Tears run down Grace’s face as she waits for his response. “Jonathan! Jonathan! JONATHAN YOU-” She get cut off by a loud sound followed by the call ending. The teen begins to cry as she drops the phone. Grace falls to her hands and knees in grief. She gets up on her knees. “JONATHAN!!!!!” She screams at the top of her lungs. Grace stands up and limps down the stairs and out of the building. She manages to get to a statue and falls next to it. The teen gets up and pushes a nearby van into the water that submerges 285 and climbs on top of it. The current pushes the van down the flooded highway and Grace lays down on the roof. “This is WAY too much for a sixteen year old girl like me.” She sighs, tears running down her face. The van floats away from the city and Grace climbs into the open sunroof before laying down on the backseat. December 25th, 2019, was the day reckoning, the Apocalypse.

The End

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