Humanity is tiny and yet we are so, so blessed.

Time passes slowly; bad memories linger in our minds whilst good things are all too fleeting, like sand in an hourglass. We fight its inevitable pull- as is human nature to do so- with every breath we take. We cling to the surface of our tiny, insignificant planet, like insects, as it hangs perilously in the crushing shadows of space.

We bury ourselves in advancement, striving higher knowing full well that one day it shall all be for naught. One day the very sun that sustains our fragile existence will be our ruin. The wealthiest, the strongest, the best, we pride ourselves in achieving that which history will eventually forget. Forever moving faster, never comprehending that we already hurtle through the universe at a million miles per hour.

When it becomes too much we look to the stars, dreaming of dancing among them, of bringing them within our reach. Refusing, lest we lose hope, to admit that we may well be alone, in all of creation humanity is the only race capable of dreaming higher.

Humanity is tiny.

And yet this is what makes us so, so blessed. That we are capable of sharing a laugh, or a hug. We can hold hands and love with all our hearts. When in the face of adversity, a mere spark can light the world.

Love is more than a spark; it is strong enough to ignite the darkness within our hearts and shines brighter than any star. Everything else pales in comparison.

That is why humanity is special.

The End

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