Human-avian hybrid vampire

For lack of a better name tbh, if you can figure out a better one then please tell me. I won't say what it's about or it will ruin the surprise and I really don't have much to write about, so, enjoy! Plus I haven't a clue about chapters so it's currently in a big bunch.

Sprinting down the stairs as fast as she could, she fell over the banister and managed to land on her feet like a lithe cat. The knock at the door had overexcited her, but she thought What if it isn’t him? Yet the knock sounded so much like him. She suddenly felt very nervous opening the door. As soon as she saw him, her wings sprung out.

“I don’t think I will ever stop being surprised by your wings Caramel.”

“Frank! You’re here! I’ve been waiting for ages!”


I know what you are thinking reader, why has this ‘Caramel’ girl got wings? Who is this Frank? Why has she been waiting so long and is so excited to see him? Let me start at the beginning.


Caramel, Carmel being her real name, was a human-avian hybrid. Frank found her wandering lost and alone in the City as a very young hybrid. He took her to his old families’ home and they have lived there ever since. Though not alone. Frank held a dark secret which he only trusted Carmel enough to know about.

            He was a Vampire, but he had to keep it low profile because of all of the ridiculous rumours about them. Carmel was used to living with Vampires very well, since there were plenty living with them.


“It’s only been a couple of hours Carm, it isn’t that long.”

Frank was quite optimistic, especially for someone who could be burned at the stake and who knows what else just because of the creature he was.

“Always the optimist Frank. Are you not scared of what could happen to us if we were found?”

Contrasting to Frank was Carmel. She was scared of everything and anything that could harm her household. With good reason. There was a lot out there to be afraid of.


Carmel may have been scared of what was outside but she was not scared of the ‘Red eyed monsters’ as they were known as in the town. Truthfully, she admired them, wanted to be one of them, and in a few days she would be considered old enough in her household to become a Vampire. In a few days Carmel would be seventeen, old enough in Frank’s eyes to be changed, and she wanted him to do it. When she had spoken to him about it, Frank had agreed. Only under one condition though, that she would agree to go out with him when he wanted to go for a walk. He knew that Carmel would think it over for a few minutes, since she was scared of going outside. After a few moments of pondering, Carmel finally said “Deal.”


The next morning, Carmel awoke only to find Frank holding and caressing her.

“Did you have a nice sleep?” Frank whispered in her ear seductively.

“Yes. Why do you ask? You haven’t before.” Carmel was more than a little confused. It isn’t like him she thought he never showed this much love to me before now.

“Did you know you talk in your sleep Carm? It was really quite interesting what you were saying. Especially since you are being transformed tomorrow.”

“Oh no! What did you hear?” Carm asked nervously. It seemed as if he had heard a lot.

“You were crying, it sounded like you were going to lose someone you loved. Then you started calling out my name and shouted ‘I love you’ over and over. I had to hold you because you were shaking so violently. After a while you woke up and, here we are.”

“Oh.” Carmel moaned. It was no use; she would have to come clean about her feelings sooner or later.

“So…do you really love me?” Frank asked quizzically.

“Truthfully, yes. I don’t know why I just do and I know I love you because I can’t stop thinking about you and-“

Frank put a finger to her babbling lips, stopping her in her tracks.

“Carm, believe it or not, I have the same feelings for you. I do not just love you, I am in love with you.”

“But that will change after tomorrow won’t it? I won’t be the same.”

“It will not make a difference I swear. Your personality will never change and you will only look even more beautiful than you already are.”

“I’ll be stranger than I already am you mean. I won’t be just a human-avian hybrid; I’ll be a human-avian hybrid Vampire.” Frank chuckled to this untold joke.



Sorry, I didn’t tell you what Frank and Carmel looked like. My most humble apologies on that, I will tell you now.

Frank was a tall and slender figure with a discreetly muscle toned body. He had pale coloured rock hard skin. His hair was a goldish ginger colour and he had strong facial features.

            Carmel had a stick-thin body with a few curves; her breasts were quite large and emphasized. She had jet-black hair and pale skin, though it was in contract with Frank because her skin was soft.

You may also not know what a hybrid is. I am deeply sorry about not explaining properly. A hybrid is a twist between two completely different species of animal, for example, as in this story, between a human and a bird (later to become a Vampire and a bird).


Frank wore a pair of loose grey combats and a black button up shirt.

Carmel wore a pale blue t-shirt and brown tight fitting jeans (which were quite loose on her).


By the time Carm and Frank had eaten lunch, Carmela felt a little claustrophobic so she asked if Frank wanted to go for a walk.

“Well if I’m going to walk when I’m changed I might as well start now. By the way, why does nobody notice your red eyes, just seeing that is enough to get you lynched!”

“People don’t look at others eyes in the street, it’s considered bad luck.” Frank explained calmly.

“Oh. Ok.” Carm had not been outside in the street for a very long time so she didn’t know about the superstitions.


“Sunset, Twilight. It’s beautiful isn’t it? I like to just sit here and look at it.”

“Wow, you’re right, it is beautiful.”

The sun shone over the water creating a rainbow of colours and light shimmering across the ocean. The sand sparkled like rain drops moving all over it. The sight was wonderful.


Frank placed his arm around Carmelas shoulders and pulled her closer, softly. She slowly turned her head to face him and saw Frank staring at her lovingly. He brought his head down to kiss her neck and then, carefully, placed his lips on hers. Carm was surprised, she did not expect this! The sensation of kissing him was different to what she expected. Carm wrapped her arms around his neck and he pulled his body closer to hers. This was the night Carmela found how Frank truly loved her. Just before she turned seventeen.


I never expected love to be like this, Carm wrote, the soft way he touched me. The shine in his eyes and mostly, the way he made love to me. It was truly amazing. I never would have thought that hands like cold, hard stone could soothe the skin wherever they touched. He was extremely gentle with my, which I loved to my core.


Carmela quickly snapped the book shut as Tessie, another Vampire, came into the room with something on a coat hanger.

“Come on Carm, it’s time to get ready.” She smiled hugely at her.

“Thanks Tess, this my dress?”

“Yup, I’ll leave you to change.”

And with that, Tessie left the room and Carm quickly grabbed her book and wrote; I can’t wait.


Carm quickly and carefully put the dress on. It was black and the edges were lined with red silk. The dress went all the way down to her feet and the sleeves were loose and flowing. The dress had petticoats of red. Carmel wore black high-heeled shoes and a red headband that had a piece of black ribbon tied onto it as a bow. Her face was the palest it had ever been, and that was without makeup. Carm wore black eye shadow over her eyes and red underneath. She also wore red lipstick on her top lip and black on the lower lip. Her hair hung loose curtaining her face showing the rounded shape discreetly.


As Carm glided down the stairs gracefully Frank waited in the large living room. She tripped on the last step because of something slippery having been put there. Carm fell into the arms of Frank, who gave her his most dazzling smile that would have reached his eyes a thousand times, she almost forgot why they were there.

“Oh, sorry, someone put something on the step and I slipped and-“

Yet again Frank put a finger on her lips to stop her.

“Babbling again my dear.”

Carm blushed bright red as he pulled her close for a hug and kissed the top of her head.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Always.” She sounded more confident than she felt.


Everyone who lived in the household was there; it was a private ceremony so no other Vampires were there. Yet the room still looked so full like it was going to burst.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. I am proud to present our hybrid, Carmela.”

At that Carmela strode into the room, her black wings flowing behind her.

“Tonight Carmela will be transformed into a Vampire. She is today old enough to physically be one of us. We who thrive on animals as food instead of drinking human blood. Let us welcome her into this family with great respect.”

Frank spoke like a true leader being the head of the household.

“Then you’ll be in my arms forever.” He whispered in Carms ear. Then, gently pulling her hair back out of the way, he slowly plunged his teeth into the soft nape of her neck. She leaned her head back onto his shoulder as he brought her wrist up to his mouth and bit. He then pushed Carms skirt about halfway up her leg and bit, not too deeply, just below her knee. Carm felt the pain burning through her but suppressed the cries that she otherwise would have set free. Since she had spent most of her life living with pain, Carmela could stop herself from showing the pain without too much difficulty. She ate, drank and talked with the other housemates; most of whom she knew quite well, others were a little mysterious.


It was only a twelve-hour process to transform so by the evening Carm had finished her transformation into a Vampire.

“Wow, you look beautiful!”

“Absolutely stunning!”

“Gorgeous darling!”

She got many remarks about her appearance and her eyes-bright shining red-but Carm noticed that not one of them came from Frank. She found this extremely strange since he was stood by her side the whole day. She guessed that he was just waiting for the right moment, when it would mean the most to her.






When Carmela next opened her eyes all she saw was red. Dark red. What is dark red? BLOOD! Carmel screamed until she felt her lungs would burst. Why is there so much blood, it isn’t normal for someone to wake and be covered in this horrible, dark, sticky stuff.


Hearing her screams, Frank bounded up the stairs at lightning speed. He flung the bedroom door open only to find Carmel sprawled all over the floor blood pouring from any part of the body that could be thought of. She was half unconscious and her life was in danger.

“Carm! Carm! No! Stay with me, please, respond to me!” Frank sobbed holding Carmela in his muscle-toned arms. No tears were drawn from his eyes though because of his state as a Vampire.

What is happening? Frank thought. This is not normal, what went wrong with the transformation I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Standing at the door with a bemused expression on her face was Tessie, her black silk dress flowing behind her she strode into the room and tried to comfort Frank. When he didn’t respond Tessie started prying his arms off of Carmela. When she finally managed to succeed, Frank hit her across the face, sending her flying into the wall and making a large dent.

“I never gave you permission Tessie. I know you did this because you were always spiteful.”

He then walked out of the room carrying Carmela, only pausing to look at Tessie in a disgusted way. There Tessie lay and there she stay before running into her own room and locking all contact out.


The End

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