Dear Recipient,

Humanity Still is a government funded program. They have locations everywhere in the United States and they have the power to revoke a persons certification as a Human, making their lives horrible. With few regulations for them to follow they become much too powerful.

Dear Recipient,

                If you are reading this letter, and it is meant for you, then we regret to inform you that your Human Certification has been revoked until further notice.   Are you questioning how this could have possibly happened to you?  That happens to be the question often asked at the Humanity Still offices. There are many reasons that one would have their humanity revoked.  These reasons include some of the following:

                On your most recent annual IQ test you dropped below the required score that we accept at Humanity Still.  Thus you are not deemed intelligent enough to be considered a human.  Humans in America must be at a certain level to keep the nation at a certain rank, or move above it, if all you are going to do is drop us further than we are we cannot accept you has human.  However, if you believe there has been a mistake you may reschedule to take the test and depending on your scores get recertified within a week or so.

                People in your community have called in multiple complaints about your conduct.  Whether it was your teachers, co-workers, neighbors, it has been decided from these complaints that you do not conduct yourself like a prideful human being, so you are human no longer.  Behaviors that have led to this course of action cover a wide range of actions.  Perhaps you were ignorant, maybe you attempting to appear menacing to get your way, became aggressive, harass those around you, or they thought you were idiotic in general and your IQ confirmed their suspicions.

                You are a student who often skips or misses classes often or doesn’t come to school at all.  Denying your right to a proper education as well as ignoring the laws set in order to make sure minors go to school.  Humans should desire knowledge or at least understand its necessity in their lives therefore you are not human.

                Have been convicted of more than one crime as a minor classifying you as a juvenile delinquent.  Minors who have spent time in a juvenile hall or more likely to become hardened criminals once they reach adulthood.  Humanity has no room for the likes of criminals.

                Men or women who are at the age of 18, legal age to be considered an adult, who have been convicted of a crime shall receive this letter after their jail time comes to an end.  We do not apologize for this decision.  No exceptions when it comes to this situation.

                Situations stated above are only a number of reasons why something like this, having your humanity revoked, would happen to you.  In fact, a large percentage of these letters are sent for those reasons, however, if they do not apply to you it is important that you visit your local Humanity Still site immediately to see why this has happened and if you are eligible to sign up for recertification.  We also understand that every now and again these letters are sent to the wrong address or the wrong people and apologize if that is the case.

                We understand that a gut wrenching feeling may be setting in now, being told you are no longer part of humanity is hard to cope with, but reading the remainder of this letter is important.  Especially for those of you who will not be eligible for recertification for some time, or will never be a certified human ever again.  Finishing the letter is an importance.  This is how the process of decertification will affect the individual.

                Considering you are no longer a human-being means, technically, you are also not considered a resident of the United States of America.  Any IDs that you have, license, passports, your social security and etcetera no longer apply.  They are now null and void.  To get an ID or license etcetera you must go to your Humanity Still location and register for what is known as either a “Probationary Stasis” or your “A-card”.  Probationary Stasis is for those who are eligible for recertification.  A-card stands for Alternate Species Identification Card, shows that you have lost human certification and likely will never receive it again for the duration of your life.

                Not being a resident of the United States, the U.S. Constitution and all of the protections and powers it promises its citizens.  Jobs will treat you differently.  There is no protection against them lowering your wages or firing under unfair pretenses.  Being no more than an animal will prove difficult for all who receive this letter.

                Have a pleasant day.

The End

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