Amy Rose

Amy stared dreamily out of her bedroom window, fantasising about her knight in shining armour. Her bedroom was the top floor of a windmill owned by her grandmother. Her parents were dead.

She stared and the neverending horizon of green fields...

Suddenly a massive ball of fire stot from the sky and crashed into the garden.

Amy leapt up onto her feet and ran down the spiral staircase. On the way she checked on her grandmother. She was bedridden with illness, and hadn't even woken up.

The girl ran out of the windmill, into the garden. A blazing aeroplane lay there, looking abandoned.

A hand shot from the wreckage. A boy slightly older than Amy crawled out. After him he dragged a young boy and a bird.

Sonic looked up at the girl. She was a bit younger than him, and wearing a red t-shirt, bleached jeans and gold rings around her wrists. She was quite good-looking, and her hair was pink.

Great, thought Sonic, an emo!

The End

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