The Aeroplane

The three companions hurried through the nearest door...onto a sort of elevated runway with a red and yellow aeroplane rested on it. They were outside, and sleet hailed down like bullets of ice. Overhead the sky roared furiously with thunder, shrouded in grey clouds. Behind them they could see that they had exited a massive red and yellow tower that looked like it extended into space.

Below the runway was a churning, chaotic black ocean. Which left one way out. The plane.

Sonic glanced anxiously at his team mates. Flicky looked terrified of the sky, the sea, the plane and the tower. Tails was staring determinedly at the plane.

"I can control that," he said confidiently. The sleet was drenching his ears, tails and clothes, but he didn't seem to notice. "Remember my technopathy." It hadn't worked on Pixale because Flickly had been inside it, giving it a will.

Tails flew over to the plane and dropped into the cockpit. Sonic zipped after him to the aircraft - only to find that there was no second seat!

"You'll have to stand on the wings," said Tails.

"Sure," said Sonic. He leapt only the left wing of the little aeroplane.

"What about me?" squarked Flicky, fluttering over to the aircraft.

"Sit by the cockpit," Tails ordered. Flicky obeyed.

"Ever flown an aeroplane before?" asked Sonic.

"Obviously not!" said Tails with a grin. "But I'll just tell it what to do."

He pressed his palm onto the plane's dashboard and it instantly lit up. The craft began to slowly lurch forward...


It was the Eggman, or Dr Robotnik, at the door to the tower. Two robots armed with machine-guns were with him, weapons trained on Sonic and company.

But the plane was already too far down the runway for the robots to attack! There was the distant rattle of gunfire, but no bullets struck true.

And then the aeroplane was in the stormy sky...

The End

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