"I am Flicky!" declared the blue bird proudly. It bowed and somehow hovered in the air at the same time.

"Animals aren't mean't to talk," said Sonic.

"Yeah, well Robotnik experimented on me," said Flicky. "And failed epically. Now I can talk in human language!"

"Are you boy or girl?" asked Tails.

"Girl." The blue bird sounded like a talking parrot.

Suddenly the corridor flashed red repeatedly, on and on, and Sonic was suddenly glad that he didn't suffer from epilepsy. Then a siren blared out.

"ESCAPEES ARE TO BE ERADICATED!" declared a mechanical voice.

The heroes spun around to see a huge red and yellow robot with hammers for hands. Yellow eyes shone down like spotlights.

"Get away!" yelled Sonic, hurling Tails down the corridor away from the huge automaton. Flicky fluttered after Tails.

Sonic thought that they were safe, but he was wrong! The red robot's hammer-fists shot out on lines, smacking Tails into a wall.

Sonic roared angrily and zipped behind the robot. The machine lumbered about, trying to turn around. But Sonic leapt high into the air and rolled at the peak of his jump, turning into a blue spinball. He fell through the robot like a buzzsaw, making a shrill ripping sound. The robot split in two from head to groin.

"Yeah! Go Sonic!" cheered Tails. "Now we'd better get outta here.

The End

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