Human Sonic

The story of Sonic and pals...only here the characters are human!

Sonic ran. On and on and on. He was born to be at one with speed. He was running through the land where he had lived alone for as long as he could remember: Green Hill.

"Get here, you little fool!" yelled the egg-man in the floating machine, not far behind Sonic. Who was this strange man?

Sonic had decided to call him the Eggman. When the man got out of his hovering aircraft, his circular body and pointed head shaped him like an egg. But his arms and legs were lanky and out of place.

Sonic heard hammerings like on a keyboard from the floating Egg-Pod, and, next thing he knew, he saw a beam of red energy firing from a gun on the Egg-Pod's front. The beam hit him full-on in the back, and he fell flat on his face.

The last thing he heard was "Hoohehehehe!"

Next thing he knew, everything was black...

The End

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