Any Questions?

Yes professor, I have a question.

Well then, would you care to ask it?

I would. Why do you think the man with the hat didn't notice that it mysteriously appeared on his head again?

That's a good question. The answer is easy, but it brings up a good point. How did the man deal with his initial confusion at his hat being gone?

He got angry and tried to place the blame instead of thinking about it.

Correct. So, now that he finds his hat is suddenly back, how does he explain this? He can no longer be mad at the Tim because he has his hat. He is left with only his confusion again, except now even more of it.

Well, he was originally confused by his hat being gone, and then about it being back, so... He probably just convinced himself it was never missing in an effort to save face.

Very good. We will discuss this matter in more detail later, but for now, does anyone else have any questions?


That's a terribly vague question. Actually, it's technically not even one. It's just a word with the emphasis shifted. Would you care to elaborate?

Don't you think environment plays a large role in the outcome of this sort of experiment?

Of course it does. But more specifically...?

Well, his comfort level in the environment...

What of it?

If he was at home instead of at the coffee shop, if either of these locations were empty of other people or crowded, and whether or not he knew the people well; wouldn't these change our results?

You tell me.

But you're the professor.

I'm here to teach you, not give you answers. Now, think about it. How would these change our results?

Well I guess if he were at home, he may have acted quicker to put out the fire because he wants to protect his house and his stuff.

And if there were people there?

Well if they were at his house he would probably know them, so he wouldn't be so worried about making a fuss.

Good, good.

What about the different scenarios at the coffee shop?

We're going to give you a break and see what would happen for ourselves. Don't forget that we'll now have to take into account the fact that he's already had one strange occurrence today; he may discount further absurdities as hallucinations if we're not careful, or even convince himself he's dreaming.

So, taking a look at the test subject again, it appears he's trying to get a hold of another coffee...

The End

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