Tim drank his second coffee and tried to steady his nerves. The incident with the fire had scared the hell out of him and his temper had not improved one bit when the strange man by the window had demanded his hat back when it was on his head the whole time. After finishing his coffee, he stood up and left. He had already paid for it when he recieved it. Tim looked at his watch. It was nearly time to get back to the office. Going out of the coffee shop, he turned right and walked briskly to the block of offices where he worked. His office was on the third floor.

He went into the building, signed in at reception and got into the elevator. The elevator went up a little way and then suddenly stopped. Odd. Tim pressed a button and the light went out. He swore. Unable to see he walked backwards and bumped into a man behind him who uttered an exclamation.

"Sorry mate. I ddn't know there was anyone else in the elevator".

"Se eall riht".

Startled, Tim turned around. He felt in his pocket where luckily he had a lighter. He lit it and for a few minutes illuminated the man standing behind him.  

He was tall and looked about 27. His trousers were dark brown and he also seemed to be wearing a hood of the same colour - at least Tim thought it was a hood. The hood covered most of his hair apart from the fringe. He wore a loose light brown coat of some sort - at least it looked like a coat to Tim. Around his waist was tied some kind of white string in a bow and in his left hand he seemed to be holding some kind of staff or was it a fork?

Tim stared at the young man for a few seconds. He looked like some fifteenth century peasant. Then Tim ws forced to put his lighter out in case it started a fire in the elevator.

The End

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