A Darkened Elevator



Could I instigate a thermal inbalance?

And what would be the purpose of that?

To make his coffee go instantly cold. Then we would see if he gives up, demands a new cup, meekly buys another, or drinks it cold.

To get the same results, all you have to do is watch the customers at a restaurant with terrible service. We all know how people respond to bad service. Anger levels double when people are hungry, and especially when the aim of their anger is the cause of their hunger. I was thinking of beginning a scene that you cannot see anywhere else, except for in this classroom.

But this classroom is anywhere we want it to be...

Well, only if I am here.

Right...So what will you do?

Humans have evolved and changed over time without truly knowing it. The current human race is all they know. The current way of life is all they know. If they truly realized their past, they would know that they were the very descendants of the ancient homo sapiens. They know this as a fact, but they do not truly realize what it means.

Professor, you are not thinking of placing a homo sapien in the coffee shop, are you?

...No, I think that would be plain rude. Instead, I am going to add someone from the fifteenth century.

But we would not be able to see much interaction because the man from the past would take center stage in his anxieties.

Not unless we have the right environment. An environment that  accommodates them both. And that is why I am going to trap the two of them in a pitch dark elevator for five hours.

Um...How will you get the man from the past into the elevator without raising his suspicions?

The elevator will be dark when Tim arrives. The other man will be lying in the corner under a blanket. The elevator will rise six and a half floors and then stop. Then the visitor will wake up.

And who is the visitor?

A twenty-seven year old farm boy who is on his way to becoming a scholar.

Ah. And when will we have this scene?


The End

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