Pouring out his Soul


Slowly I approached Chloe, my cybernetic heart frozen within my chest. He...shot her?! My feet carried me quickly to her side. I collapsed and her side and lifted her into my lap with my one good arm. Tears shimmered as they poured from our face. I tried to speak, pulling her head into my shoulder. 

"Chloe...Chloe you have to stay with me! Chloe, you can't die!" I held her tightly as the rest of the cyborgs circled around us and  knelled. Some hung their heads, others sobbed. "Chloe," started my voice choking. "You want to know what I thought about before I almost died...I thought of you, Chloe. You were that one light in the darkness when I became that..." I shuddered "...monster. You saved me from becoming what Declan was." Chloe's blue eyes gazed weakly up at me, they were so distant and cold. The lump in my throat caught, I had to say it. TELL HER, a voice screamed in my head. 

"Chloe, I love you. I always have and I always will. From the second I met you, I knew I never wanted to be separated from your side. You chase away the darkness in my soul. CHLOE DON"T DIE!" I cried. Nikolaus and Jandrain came to my side and put a hand on my shoulders. I snarled at them as they tried to take her away. 

"Jon, if we don't get her some medical treatment soon, she will die." The features on my face went slack. I have to stay with her. Using my one good arm, I tucked her unconscious body in my arm and followed my fellow cyborgs. A group of human doctors had already set of a makeshift surgery room, James and Dr Greenwood stood in scrubs their eyes red from crying. Gently I placed her on the table and stared.

"Come on, you shouldn't watch." I wrenched my arm out of Nikolaus's grasp.

"I will not leave her side." My voice rumbled dangerously.

"Jon, you need medical care too!" Jandrian countered pointing to all my severed arm and larges wounds covering my body. Reluctantly I neared Chloe's side and whispered how sorry I was that I had to leave her side, giving her a quick kiss and then turning away. The pain of leaving her was more than any I had previously experienced.

The two cyborgs escorted me into a separate operating room. Doctors stood ready. I laid down on the table, creating a loud noise of metal contacting metal. They reassured me that it would be over soon, that everything would be alright. As long as Chloe lives, everything will be fine. I thought as an anesthesia mask covered my nose and mouth. The world went blurry, shadows shifting into snarling creatures, people becoming black shapes. 

Falling into the realm of unconsciousness was unsettling, everything was so peaceful, so calm. I looked around as the world shifted to a nice day, the sun was shining and the birds were happily chirping. Lush green grass waved in the soft breeze. I grinned and curled up in the sun. I could stay here forever.

"Jon," a voice called back to me. "Jon, you can't stay." I sat up sharply looking around. My sister walked up, a soft smile creeping across her child-like face. 

"Aleana!" I shouted happily. "What are you doing here?" Her expression soured but she tried to hide it. "What?" She forced the smile. 

"I always knew you'd keep your promise and see me again Jon," I backed away from her realizing what she meant. 

"Alean?" I asked fearful. 

"You can't stay Jon, I'm so sorry. They need you, so much more than I do. She needs you." Alena closed her eyes. "It's not your time, not yet." I screamed for Alena but was jolted into reality as electricity snaked through my body. 

"He's back!" A voice shouted.

"Stabilize him! The operation is done. I don't need to loose him! Stop that blood! More  anesthesia!" another doctor yelled. I wanted to ask them how Chloe was, if I could see her but again I collapsed into the darkness. This time it stayed black, a cold icy black only known to those who had seen the Android war. Images, memories began to play back. My blades, stabbing through the innocent soldiers who were just doing their duty, the androids who were only fighting for what they believed in.

I saw where I mangled Lilly's arm and sliced through Declans skull. All replayed in vivid detail not letting me miss a second of everything I had done. Suddenly the memories shattered like glass and fell to the ground in shimmering pieces. A small ray of light illuminating my broken figure in the the black. The light grew brighter and more intense. I could hear people around me. Yet still my mind went to her.

Had Chloe survived?  

The End

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