“Out of my way Chloe or I’ll hurt you too,” Declan warned. I growled at the Brit as Chloe stepped from my grasp. 

“I’ll like to see you try,” she interjected, placing both of her hands on her hips. Declan looked from Chloe to Nikolaus and back, I could tell that he didn't want to hurt her. 

"Please Chloe, this Kraut needs to pay for the insult!" That was enough. I stepped in front of Chloe, Nikolaus joined my side. 

"Say that again ya' boot licking Tommie! Nikolaus may have insulted your pride but you stooped low by attacking him. Now you insult not only his fatherland but mine! If you want a fight join someone else! Our countries are dead! They along with everything we knew...DEAD!" Declan's eyes widened at me as he spotted the eagle on my arm. He scowled at me and crossed his arms. 

"Nazi Dog!" He spat, turning and walking back into the building. Some of the other cyborgs watched, their feelings from the past brought painfully to the surface by Declan's outburst. I sighed and looked to Nikolaus, he nodded. No one was going to insult our homeland, ever! 

"Jon?" Chloe said, reminding me to her sudden presence. I spun around to see her eyes upon. "Thank you, but I don't think that was the best way to have handled Delcan. He's bitter about his past, I'm not blaming you but he holds you and Nikolaus responsible for Britain's bombing. I winced, knowing she was not too far from the truth about me. 

I said, "Nikolaus, go check on James and Dr. Greenwood." I looked to Chloe, "I have to have a few words with Chloe...alone." He nodded walking through the hole in the wall and disappeared into another room. Softly taking Chloe's hand, I led her into an empty room, devoid of any furniture, and shut the door. We both sat opposite of each other on the soft carpeting.

"Jon...What is it?" I could hear the worry in her voice, after loosing me once I doubted she wanted to lose me again.  I gave her a weak, yet false smile. 

"You know how bitter Declan is...about his country?" she nodded. "Well I guess I am truly to blame for that. I know that you know hardly anything of my past, except that I was a German soldier." My gaze turned from her, my voice began failing me. "I was actually a Spy for the German army, sent to Britain to relay intell back to the Fatherland. I spent three months in country until that day, the bombing." Chloe's placid face soon became horror struck, but I continued.

"I was supposed to be brought back to Germany before our planes arrived but something must have happened and in the end I was trapped like the rest of the British civilians. I ended up pinned beneath a building due to a bombs explosion. I figured you had the right to know my past, considering it was perpetrated on your country." I shut my eyes and waited for the waves of rage to crash upon me. 


Declan pressed his ear against the door listening to every word that Jon said. When the German finished, Declan was beside himself. How could he! Dirty Kraut! I'll kill him, I don't care what the others say! I. WILL. KILL. HIM! The young British marine stood and walked out of the building. He didn't know where he was going or who he was looking for. All he knew was that he was going to find a side that wouldn't question his intentions or insult his homeland. A side that would help him kill Jon and Nikolaus without hesitation. 

Declan didn't realize he was in the Aracadia National Park until he looked up. Ever since he could remember the park was always an escape. In summertime the place was lit by old light bulbs that cast a golden glow around the foliage and made the fireflies sparkle and dance. Declan ran his hands through his hair as he collapsed onto a bark bench. 

"Chloe...He's one of them! Why can't you see that? Jon is a German for God's sake! He massacred our people after living among us!" 

"He's a traitor," a synthesized voice hummed. Declan jumped up and spun around to see a curvy figure step from the tree line. He growled drawing his pistol from it's holster. 

"Android!" Declan's muscles tensed as his finger curled around the trigger. The female android held up her hands. One looked like it had been recently replace since there was no synthetic skin covering it's metallic surface.

"Calm yourself Cyborg, I too have been betrayed by Jon." Declan raised an eyebrow. Jon was once with the androids?! Reading his mind the android spoke. "Yes, he was once on our side, fighting against Arweth and his tyrannical rule. Now after leaving out rank, traitorously, he is still hurting others. What did he do to you young Cyborg. Did he insult your intellegance?" She probed, watching Declan's expression. "Your abilities? No, what about your country?" Declan flinched, his face contorting in a momentary expression of pain. 

"Ahh, your homeland. Come, sit next to me. I have an offer that might please you." Warily, Declan holstered his pistol and sat next to the android.

"I'm Lilly." She said, her disarming smile luring him in. 

"Declan," the brit said. 

"So you want Jon dead?" An evil grin grew across both of their faces. Declan sharply nodded. 

"Good, I know a few others that feel the same way you do." The young cyborg was amazed as out of thin air, hundreds of androids appeared. All of them had their eyes fixated on the new cyborg. All of them had a inhuman hunger within their gazes. Declan looked to Lilly. 

"What do you need from me?" Lilly stood, smiling sweetly at the brit. 

"I need an insider who can direct one of my teams to the power plant so we can restore power and then one of my teams needs to infiltrate the base. Arweth needs a taste of the treatment he gave us. Lastly you, me, and a few of my best men are going to pin down the other cyborgs, where you can kill Jon and anyone else you please." Declan nodded resolutely, this was his chance to kill Jon, Nikolaus, and end the war his own way.

No more pacing around and waiting, no more civility or peaceful talking. In one swift move it would be all over. Chloe would be so proud of him, ending the war single handedly with the help of the androids. Plus he would have his revenge on Jon for the atrocities perpetrated upon his country. It would all be over soon. 

The End

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