The Demon Under Lock


Somehow I had become the leader of the cyborgs, orchestrating our attack. The few hours we spent together last night were by far the most important in my life. We all told our stories before being transformed into cyborgs. Most of the stories broke my heart as I heard them relate how the war had broken their lives. I wanted Jon to be with us, he also has a past which I wanted to hear.

The citizens of Arcadia were all hiding in the sliver of security and comfort that their homes offered. Every once in a while I heard the wails of children complaining about their starvation, but the parents were unable to provide them with food. A war always ravages the innocent.

“Chloe,” Maria communicated to me using radio waves perceivable only among cyborgs, “I see them coming by foot and hiding inside the abandoned military camp”  

“Good, we have to lock them down inside the base,” I said to the rest of the scattered team, “once we’ve done that, we will cut their communication.”

“What will happen after that?” Micah asked.

“Once they’re secured under lock we will talk with the androids outside the city’s walls,” I replied, “we will reason with them first and then with Arweth in hopes that their differences will settle.”

“The androids would never want to be under human control again,” Declan spat, “if I were an android I wouldn’t.”

I started worrying about Declan; he was the strongest of us, a burly British marine before being transformed into a cyborg, his behaviour and attitude seemed more inclined to favour the androids. I didn’t want Jon’s incident to repeat.

“Declan, it’s not a matter of who is right and who is wrong,” I said curtly, “nobody likes war, they only bring chaos and destruction and have enormous collateral damage to innocent lives.” Indeed, there was only a small group of androids who were rebelling against humankind, and there was Arweth’s army who would subdued them at all cost.

“They’ve closed the city’s gates already,” Maria informed.

“Let’s start then,” I replied, “Lena and Maria, secure the city’s gates and guard them. Yuuki, killed off the communication system of Arcadia and destroy the electrical power plant. The rest of you will come with me to the military base; we will rid them of all their heavy weapons and encased them inside a magnetic field.”

Everyone understood. In no time I found myself with Jandrain, Micah, and Declan. We patrolled the area adjacent to the military base, eagerly waiting for Yuuki to give us the green light to go inside.

General Arweth paced the gray floor of the massive military base; it had been abandoned when Arcadia declared itself a neutral city several years ago. His army was being installed in this place, making it their HQ.

“In two hours we will be sending a group of our soldiers to the nuclear power plant to secure it, the androids will surely seek that place to replenish their energies, if we let them advance and take control of it, they will hold us at gunpoint,” Arweth said. “They will not break our forces; they are nothing against us, just mindless machines with neither conscience nor intelligence.”

“You are quite wrong Arweth!” an indignant voice echoed through the base.

“Dr. Greenwood, it will be in your best interest to keep your comments to yourself,” Arweth said patiently, walking to face Charles.

“I will not be silenced, not after being forced to join your insane party,” Charles said defiantly. “Those androids, the ones who are rebelling, were androids under your command weren’t they general Arweth?”

“Silence,” Arweth shot him a cold look.

“They were, you destroyed their confidence and trust in humankind, you treated them like piece of factory scrap,” Charles snarled. “They aren’t revolting against humankind, they want your head. You are just a coward, mobilizing your troops to defend your sorry arse.”

Arweth’s fist connected with Charles face. Charles fell hard on the floor, his nose bleeding. “You have no right...”

“You abused of them,” Charles shouted, then turned toward the soldiers, “he is using all of you for his selfish desires!”

The truth was triumphant against all deceit. I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth as I saw Arweth kicking Charles repeatedly. It had all been a folly.

“You guys can have a go,” Yuuki said.

“Change of plans guys,” I told the rest, “we have to get Charles and James out of there.” The sun was now setting behind the buildings and the lights of the city were off. The computers they set around them had stopped functioning and they were immersed in complete darkness, we took advantage of that and we slipped inside. Our first aim was their tanks. We walked avidly in the shadows, careful not to be caught. Micah entered their tank and started disabling their engines whilst the rest of us approached their hand-weaponry arsenal.

“What is happening here?!” Arweth’s voice boomed through the darkness. “Why are we without any light?”

“Sir, somebody cut the communication and energy from us, we’ve been stranded,” an officer said.

“Impossible!” Arweth cried, and then understanding filled him. “Secure our prisoners she is here, they are here!”

“General, the scientists are gone!”

“Dammit!” Arweth cursed and took his rifle, scanning the room. “Chloe, I know you are here with the rest of your friends. Be a big girl and come out to face us.”

“Sir, somebody messed up with the tanks and we cannot open the door!”

CHLOE!” Arweth snarled. “We’ve been locked down.”

“Enjoy your solitude,” I whispered as I carried Charles away from them. Yuuki set up the magnetic field around them, securing every opening in which they could sneak out. I praised the entire team for their hard work.

“Chloe, please forgive me,” Charles muttered with his last bit of energy before closing his eyes. I stroke his head and then turned to James. His eyes were looking at me expectant.

“Where’s Jon?” he asked.

His question pained my heard. I shook my head in sadness and pressed his hand. “I’m sorry James, but he…”

“Chloe, I see two approaching figures!” Maria cried.

My heart beat quickened and wondered who the newcomers were.

The End

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