Jon Leta

"From across the battlefield."

Whatever was left of my heart had shattered inside my cybernetic chest. Chloe took off running into the city, cloaked by the night. My vice like grip released Lilly's neck, she spun around eyes flashing at me. My eyes closed as her synthetic voice sharply shouted. 

"Your letting her go, after all that she and her kind have done to you Jon?!" She was outraged and angered at me, who wasn't. I couldn't love anyone or save anyone. I was worthless. An icy wind howled between us, pushing week old newspapers down the silent sidewalk. I met Lilly's gaze.  

"You had NO right to attack Chloe while we were talking." Lilly gaped at me taking a step back. 

"You drew your blades at her, she's the enemy what was I supposed to think, Jon?" Tears brimmed and began to trickle down my face. 

"I...I, I just don't know who or what to believe these days. Chloe was my best, first, and only friend. It's all my fault." My knees gave out and I crashed to the pavement, Lilly watched my pitiful sobbing. "I left her, I shouldn't have. I should have been a man and took her with me. All of this is so messed up." Lilly's expression softened as she sat next to me wrapping an arm around me. 

"Jon, forget about her. You don't need her. You have us...me." My shoulders sunk a bit as I looked to the leader of the androids. She gave me a smile and leaned near my face. Instantly I jumped away, landing 10 meters from her. Revulsion, bitterness, and confusion boiled within me. I snarled at her, drawing my blades. Other androids appeared from the shadows, watching in horror and fascination. 

"You're just using me," I growled, crimson eyes meeting hers. Lilly's right arm folded and shifted into a gun, she didn't take aim but it wasn't hard to guess her intentions. 

"Jon, please, last chance." She held out her only human looking hand. "You fought by our side once...do it again. Lead us to victory Jon!" My thoughts shifted to Chloe, how disgusted she looked when she saw me. Her voice trembling with every word that left her lips, she was scarred and repulsed at me. What have I become? Everything was so twisted, I needed an out...an escape. 

"I'm sorry Lilly, I'm not sure where I stand anymore. Things...they're not as I thought they were. I...I don't kn-" Lilly roared as she slammed a heavy foot into my chest, tossing me like a rag doll across the road. Sparks ignited as my arms scrapped against the concrete. When I finally came to a halt, Lilly stood over me, her eyes had lost their understanding kindness. She was a machine once more. Was this what Chloe saw me as, a mindless machine? A monster? Lilly's hand clamped around my throat, she lifted me skyward pressing the barrel of her gun arm into my skull. 

"Jon, you disgust me! Do you not know your place in this world?! If you're not with us your against us, that means death!" All the other androids shouted and cheered, they were like wolves circling their prey. Smelling blood, they were hungry for a kill. My hands wrapped around Lilly's arms, I gave her a bittersweet smile and deployed my blades. A scream pierced the night, it was neither human nor animal, something all its own. Oils and other liquids burst from her arm as she dropped me to the ground, reeling from the attack.

Weakly I watched, the arm was useless nothing but sparking circuits and broken cybernetics. Her eyes flooded with hatred and a gunshot replaced her screams. The bullet lodged in my thigh, causing a burst of blood to mist and mix with the oils already covering the pavement. I wanted to scream, let my lungs empty out in agony to the silvery moon above. Instead, I just let tears flow and stood on my one good leg. 

"You can kill me Lilly, I don't care anymore. What do I have to live for? My best friend hates me, my adopted father is a captive of the human forces. Any family I had died centuries ago and all the world wants me for is to kill and destroy. I am better off dead than alive, so kill me." Lilly stared at me, shocked. "Kill me!" I snarled at her, blood still pumping from my leg. Lilly lowered her weapon and took a few steps back. 

"Good bye Jon," she whispered sorrowfully and evaporated into night. The other androids followed after her, leaving me to hobble along the sidewalk. A trail of blood marking my path. The moon above stood vigil as I made my way to the edge of the city and collapsed onto the ground. Everything was so dark, so cold. The grass next to me wavered in the breeze, tickling my face. So this is how it ends...Jon Leta dead in the middle of nowhere. No one to morn my passage. No one to give a care about my memory. I failed, no matter what I did...I was worthless. 

"I'm so sorry James," my voice barely audible as I spoke to myself. "I'm sorry I wasn't the son I you deserved or wanted." My hand barley managed to clench the earth. "Chloe, oh there's so many things that I wish I could have told you. I wish I could have told you the moment I met you I was spellbound. Your beautiful blue eyes and calm demeanor. Your gentle and kind personality." A smile spread across my lips, my eyes shutting to the world. "Chloe... I-" Footsteps drummed before me, stopping by my side. 

"Don't worry kid, I've got you." Arms wrapped around me, lifting me into the air. "You're going to be ok." Blackness engulfed me before, I could say a word. A voice whispered in my mind...Death...

The End

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