From Across the Battlefield


A different Jon stood before me with his blades drawn and ready to attack me. His physical appearance had changed, it was less covered now and apparently his cybernetic parts had been enhanced what with the technology the androids had provided for him. He scowled at my presence either for me risking my life for appearing at the android’s hideout or because he really didn’t want to see me. In any of the cases, I was here now and didn’t plan to leave anytime soon before accomplishing what I came here to do.

“There is no need, Jon,” I declared solemnly, holding up my hands and slowly emerging from the shadows. Somebody had to take the steps toward peace and that clearly was me. “As I said before, I am not here to fight.” My eyes quickly did a scan of the inside of the building and taking in information of the number of androids there assembled. It was a matter of time before they realized I was here talking to Jon, I had to be quick.

“Hold your enemies in a higher regard than your friends,” Jon said, “you never know when a friend might deceive and betray you.” His arms moved closer to his face, the sharp blades glinting underneath the moonlight.

I shook my head in a pitiful manner as I heard him utter those harmful words, “Look at you Jon, what’ve you become. You are like everyone else, a tyrant of peace. I didn’t come here to change your feelings and thoughts about this war. You can agree and side with the androids if you want. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, ever since I left Gendarnium to look for you…”

“How did you find me?” he asked tersely. “You were always good with words Chloe; you like to talk about the circumstances surrounding the main problem in wait of finally revealing it. Just cut through all of this chatter and tell me what you’re here for.”

I closed my eyes and felt my feet walking toward him and his dangerous blade. I opened my eyes and looked up at him, “come with me,” I said with trembling voice. I felt my knees would fail and buckle but I stood in my spot, “help me stop this nonsensical and ravaging war.”

“Nonsensical?” Jon scoffed, “in what way is nonsensical, Chloe? We are fighting for freedom and liberation from humankind oppression. They created us to serve their egotistical and selfish ways, to feed their greed and laziness, but we were still treated like mere objects to accomplish their desires. They made us weapons of war and we are responding and rebelling against our creators.”

“We?” I whispered, “I see you quickly adopted their standpoint.” I crossed my arms as a cold wind ran through my body. “Nothing is resolved using arms, they only bring much pain. Everybody will suffer from this confrontation between modern races and we are not exempt from it. We have to resolve it through diplomatic means and examples of good actions.”

“We?” he challenged, “Whoever told you I’m leaving them. They treat me like one of them and not just a war machine like Arweth tried to do to you.”

I scowled at him, just then a loud screech erupted behind him and I was sent flying backwards. My body slid on the ground heaving a great wall of dust, it slowly dissipated and fell as I saw my attacker. It was a female android with powerful features and dangerous eyes.

“You must be Jon’s little friend,” she snarled, “You came here to join us or take him away? I suppose it was the latter knowing the sneaky beast you are.”

“Get off me!” I said, pushing her aside with my cybernetic arm. She stumbled on the ground, ready to take on me again but Jon’s powerful arms closed around her.

“I am going nowhere,” he said.

There was no point in arguing, I brushed the dirt off me and reached for the chip still implanted on his arm. I smashed it in between my fingers and watched his incredulous face. “I guess we’ll be seeing each other then,” I said softly.

“From across the battle zone,” he replied.

I nodded and took off as fast as possible, frightful that the androids might attack me or that Jon would chase me, but nothing of the sort happened. I wandered through the desert toward Arcadia.

Arcadia was not yet ravished by war but its effects were present nonetheless. The general populace walked around wary of their surroundings and of the people they met. Androids had been stripped from the land and human beings lived in fear of an attack. I closed the collar of my jacket as I walked down the winding street toward my destination. I finally arrived at a deteriorated underground pub and forced my way inside the obstructed entryway.

I walked through the underground maze and finally entered a room occupied by some of my fellow cyborgs. Seven in total, including me, relief washed over me as I saw Yuuki among them. Captain Jandrain stood and stretched his hand to me.

“Welcome home Chloe,” he said affectionately. “We are sorry to hear we have lost a brother to the opposing forces.”

I forced a smile; it was time to stop the pretenses for a better future. “This war is having negative effects on everyone. The humans are larger in number but the androids are deadliest in attack, both are equipped with high technological weaponry. If we want this war to end we must stop their confrontation by locking down their weapons and their advances. I am certain their final battle is approaching and their warring site will be Arcadia.”

Everybody was listening to my words, “even though Arcadia was declared a neutral state for further scientific research, attacks will ensue. Tomorrow the army will assemble clandestine troops throughout the city and two days later the androids will come into Arcadia looking for their source of energy, a power plant located at the heart of the city. We must prevent both of their advances.”

Everybody understood, it was only a matter of time before setting our plan into action. I hoped against all odds that Jon would stay out of my way.

The End

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