Chloe's Decision

'Jon!' Chloe gasped from behind me.

My head swivelled around and I flew at the traitor, kicking and punching him. I only managed to get a few decent blows in because he was caught off gaurd.

'NOOO! Yuuki! Jon! Stop it! Jon stop it!' Chloe yelled as Jon threw me to the floor and kicked me in the stomach repeatedly.

'Ugh. . .' I grunted as I gingerly sat up, prodding my tummy which was all red and swollen, 'you.. .traitor!' I spat, 'get away from Chloe!'

'I came to get her back idiot! And what're you doing here?!' He snapped back.

'I'm a cyborg!' I retorted, he didn't know what to say to that one. now, did he!

'You. Your a cyborg?' He laughed bitterly, 'I've seen it all now.'

'Jon! What's going on?! Why. ..why are you being to mean all of a sudden?'Chloe asked poking him in the chest, standing in front of me, 'he's weak and young! You can't bully him 'cause of that! So what if Yuuki's a cyborg?!'

'So what? So what? You actually wanna stay here and not come with me? You want to stay with him instead?!' He yelled, then his expression softened and his voice sounded pained, 'please, Chloe, come and fight with me.'

'I can't! You know I can't! I didn't want to fight in the first place, Jon! So now I'm fighting to end the war!' She choked, on the verge of tears. But she didn't actually cry.

'Fine.' He said, looking away, 'c'mon, guys, let's go.' He yelled at the other androids.

'Are you okay, Chloe? Why didn't you go with Jon?'I asked carefully.

'Because he's fighting a meaningless war. I'm fighting so the meaningless war will end.' She smiled sadly. I looked up at her face that was full of anguish. Was she really making the right decision for herself?

The End

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