Deciding to Act


I streamed the video in my mind as I was having one of my usual reports to Captain Jardrein. It was the plan General Arweth has set to put in motion tomorrow, we would first surround the approaching androids and drive them to the skeleton of the building, that way, our armed tanks and airborne ships could take down the entire structure without any wall obstruction in their way. That will eradicate half of the android populace to half and make the other ones trembled under the wrath of their creators, finally giving in to this battle.

"Go with them Chloe," Jandrein said, "examine the situation closely, the general and his body of advisers have lost their head if they think they can destroy the androids that easily. After all, they were created with the same advanced technology as any of their fire machines and other military paraphernalia. Protect and spare as many as you can, we will not attack as of now. We cyborgs are going to remain invisible at the moment."

"Got it," I muttered and the communication was severed. I closed my eyes, feeling like a puppet dangling from the strings of my puppet-master.

"Well?" Yuuki asked beside me. "What did he told you?"

"To wait and observe," Chloe answered. This wasn't taking us anywhere anymore, I was blindly trusting this Captain Jandrein, a man whom I never met before but he seem to know what he was talking about and his plan sounds logical. I also had to observe Jandrein closely, I should've asked him about Jon.

"So, we do nothing?" asked Yuuki, cocking an eyebrow in disbelief. "This war is going on and we will just walk around doing nothing?"

I rubbed my temples with my fingertips, "I don't know," I replied, "I want to do something but... what?" It was far easier to follow somebody else's orders than create one for yourself. That was exactly what I was doing, too detached to think of this events and to tired for doing anything at all. I knew one thing was certain: I belonged to neither side of the war.


"Come on Chloe," the rough whisper from General Arweth pressured me in my endeavor. "Do you see something or not?"

"No," I half-lied. We were hiding on top of a skyscraper, seeing if the enemies were approaching. The day had finally come, there were many units of soldiers hidden in the adjacent buildings ready to open fire when the general ordered so. My cybernetic eye allowed me a longer sight range, permitting me to visualize objects from kilometres away. I saw some androids approaching, but nothing alarming.

"Last night we received confidential information that a cyborg was seen with the androids," commented Arweth, "if you ever turn your back on us, you know what the consequences will be..."

His threat meant nothing to me. Suddenly my muscles tensed and I noticed Yuuki's doing so too. "They are here, sir," I said, "scattered around the buildings, each approaching their final destination by themselves. Judging by the party, they are no more than a dozen."

"A dozen!" Arweth scoffed, "they really underestimates us. We will show them."

"Don't act rashly," I warned, "you can never underestimate your enemy, that is the most fatal of actions..."

"I don't need your advice, young lady," he retorted, and barked instructions to his radio.

Young lady? I am older than you! I said as the funny thought crossed my mind. To think that I had been alive and look younger for more than a century was quite amazing. Explosions resonated throughout the area and several bullets flew off into the sky. I heard Arweth cursed and run toward the door leading out of the terrace.

"We told you!" Yuuki shouted at Arweth through the loud cacophony of sounds. Their plan had gone terrible wrong, some androids were left behind to battle the human forces while few went to get spare parts to create more androids of their own. Only Yuuki and I were left in the terrace. "What now?"

"We cannot let the androids kill the humans," I said, jumping on the edge of the building. "Let's talk to them." I dived down into nothingness, feeling bullets zing past me, grazing my robotic arm but nothing more. I jumped from building to building until I reached the factory, Yuuki was following closely. We heard desperate shouts from inside the building and the firing of bullets. One android flew out from a wall, smashing against it and falling into the streets, defeated.

I somersaulted toward the factory and slid my body inside one of the windows of the second floor. One android was heaving a soldier in an attempt to hurled it down onto the open space directed above the first floor. Before he could do that, I took the soldier's foot and pulled him from the android's grasp.

"I know humans have been unfair to your kind," I said, "but that is no way to treat an unprotected person that cannot fight against you."

"And I suppose you can?" the android snickered.

I clenched my robotic arm and the skin peeled away, before the android could utter a sound I inflicted a punch in his head, detaching it from the rest of its body. The head fell in the first floor with a clank! and rolled nonstop. The remaining body collapsed to the floor. I jumped down and I saw Yuuki fighting with an android up above.

"You dare join their forces?" a gynoid growled before me, holding the head of a fellow insurgence member.

"I battle to end war," I replied dryly, "not necessary with them but truly against anyone who racks up havoc."

"That'll be us, I s'pose," she glowered at me and attacked me. Her hand was replaced with a dangerous drill that aimed for my human, unmodified parts. I wasn't going to allow that, quickly I changed pose and only displayed my cybernetics. I took her approaching arm and hurled her away from me, she crashed in a wall.

I heard a plead behind me and saw the back of a black-metal colour android who was about to smash down a soldier.

"No!" I sprinted toward it and tackled the android down. Our bodies fell on the floor with a thud! and metal scraping against the floor. I scrambled to my feet, ready to fight but stopped dead in my moves. The android was familiar and pain surged to my heart.

"Jon..." I uttered in disbelief.

The End

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