The Offer

Jon Leta

The wind brushed softly against my face  as I neared the edge of the city. So far, I had managed to dodge the General's hunting parties. Some missing me by near moments. My mind floated back to thoughts of Chloe and how I had just abandoned her.

"I'm sorry," I whispered only wishing she could hear me. When I looked up my eyes began to focus on a small figure in the distance. The identification block that appear next to it made my heart rate quicken. It was an android.  I stopped , watching the man-like machine just stare at me. What was it waiting for? Suddenly two mechanical hands clasped around my arms, holding me to the concrete. I snarled and shifted my weight seeing two other androids holding me. The one that had once been far away was now standing before us. It had the likeness of a mid-30's female, with long plantinum blonde hair and robotic eyes.

"You," the synthesized   voice trailed off in amazement. "You are the first's kind we have ever found. A cyborg." I growled at the female android, struggling to break free. "Calm yourself young cyborg, we watched what the humans did to you. They gave you the choice between life and death and you chose to run." She began to circle me, her compatriots pulling my jacket off revealing my cybernetics. The slick black metal glowed in the sun's light.

"And yet," she continued, intrigued "you left your fellow cyborg a choice, something humans have never given our kind." The female android stopped when she stood in front of me. "Your kindness and self sacrifice is unheard of...German." I felt my legs almost give out beneath me.

"How?!" I asked breathlessly. A small grin crept across her robot features looking more menacing than anything else. 

"The mark of your homeland, the fatherland, is on your shoulder." Lifting my right arm I glanced on my shoulder noticing a black German eagle with bright red LCD lights for eyes. Why hadn't I noticed that before? Turing my attention back to the android, I relaxed. The two that were holding my arms, released me and disappeared into the shadows of the city. 

"So what do you want from me...?" I paused not knowing the machine's name.

"Lilly," she said "I am the leader of this rebellion. The fight for my people. What I ask of you is to join us. Fight along side your cybernetic brothers and sisters against the humans. We will show them how androids react after being oppressed for the entire life. Besides tell me one kind thing humanity has ever done for you." I thought long and hard finding the only time was Chloe bandaging my hand.

"Chloe..." I said before trailing off. Lilly nodded and turned away.

"She will be spared if she joins our cause. We will give you seven days after that time we will find you and ask for a decision. Remember your decision could affect not only your life but millions of others. Good bye, Jon." Lilly's skin shimmered as she evaporated like a Ghost, her words still clinging to the air. Pulling my jacket back on I continued toward Arcadia, what was I going to do? Joining either side had it's benefits and draw backs... I shook my head. The captain would know what to do and if he couldn't help me than I had already been doomed.  

The End

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