Cyborg Comrades

I flung open the door and tripped, flopping down head first on the concrete floor. Ouch.


I looked up and spied that Chole girl whom I had saved a few days earlier.

'Oh, hello there!'I smiled, standing up and brushing myself off.

'What're you doing here? Do you work for the army?' Chloe asked, looking me up and down like I was something evil.

'Um, no. Well... .sort of. . .It's hard to explain. You, if you work for those guys should know already.. oh, what the heck. I'm a Cyborg.'I'd dropped the big one. She was going to flail about and scream that I was a monster. . .

'M-m- me too.' She muttered, scuffing her feet on the floor, looking at her toes.

'Really? WOW. I didn't expect you to . . umm, be like half robot and everything.' I sniggered, Chloe didn't strike me as the type to be a Cyborg.

'What's that supposed to mean? And why are you working for them? Aren't they using us for their dirty work?'She hissed, glaring at me.

'No way! I'm treated better than at home here. I got taken to this place when I got out of the hospital and started remembering things, like lots of fire and bombs. I'm weaker than the other two Cyborg's that are here, so my memories are coming back at a much slower rate. . .'

'There are more like you, Jon and I?'She asked quickly, suddenly taking a interest.

'Um, yeah. Just two, hang on, Jon is a Cyborg?'I enquired.

'Yes. We found out from our guardians and Jon left me.'She said in a angry voice, then her face softened, 'sorry. Today has been really weird.'

'S'okay. Anyway, d'you want to get some food? They make a mean sheperds pie here.' I laughed, tugging on her wrist. She followed.

I'm glad I wasn't with people I didn't know anymore. 

I'm glad there was a familiar face in this alien place.

The End

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