A Third Decision


Alone. Betrayed.

The former feeling was inflicted by Jon when his shadow disappeared around a corner and the flurry of bullets seized. The latter feeling was ignited by Charles Greenwood, the man whom I had trust into this deception. The General ordered an extensive and exhaustive search for Jon and to severed all the transportation systems that lead out of the city. Everything happened slowly whilst I stood there motionless, Jon had made it clear to me, I had to take a decision now.

Gentle hands rested on my shoulder, at the touch I quickly shook off his hands away, pushing him away from me. "How could you?!" I shrieked, clenching my fist. For the second time, tears welled in my eyes but I blinked them away, frightful to show weakness in a situation like this.

Charles expression pained me, he was suffering from regret. "I am sorry Chloe," he said in a constricted voice, "I never wanted it to go this far, I... please understand, they've got James. He... he is tortured every day, they promised that he will be free once I hand over the cyborgs..."

My head pounced with rage and pain as I heard his voice, our own government was doing this to the scientists and engineers they praised so much in the past. Disgusting.

"Chloe, we require your help to fight against the android insurgence," the general spoke, "your capabilities surpass that of a human being, your technology is as advanced as those of the androids and yet..."

"I don't belong with either," I finished for him, casting him a look of contempt.

"That's not the issue here," General Arweth said in a rough tone, "you know what's at stake here, are you cooperating with us or we will charge you with treason just like we'll do with your friend."

Treason. Who were the traitors, those who perpetuate war and ensued destruction. My eyes shifted to Charles once again, his pitiful expression was sickening. But I owed him and James something, the meeting of a friend.

"If I go with you, will you release James from torture?" I asked.

"You have my word," Arweth said, there was a triumphant shine in his eyes "soldiers, we are heading back to our base." He then turned to me, "this way please, young lady."

I followed Arweth into an armoured car, but before going inside, I turned my head and could hear Charles stuttered something incomprehensible. I gave him a sly smile before the door closed and the car drove off toward the military base.


"Chloe, do you hear me?" a faint voice hummed in my head, at first I thought it was the engine of the car but the voice sounded familiar. It was the Captain from Arcadia, Captain Jardrein. I refrained myself from communication and send an image of what my eyes were seeing.

"I see you've been captured, where's Jon?"

I send him an image based on my memory from when Jon had jumped high in the sky and into a restricted freedom.

"Is he coming to Arcadia?"

My heart tightened as I heard his inquiry. I don't know. Lastly I sent him an image with audio of Charles begging me to help out in this war against the android for the sake and freedom of James.

"I understand," Captain Jardrein sighed heavily, "you have a noble heart Chloe. When you can, you should escape and join the rest of us, almost all the cyborgs I could contact are here with me. We are planning something to stop this war and your help is necessary as well. I will try to contact Jon, but the signals are being tightly monitored. For now, this will be all my friend. Hope you well and we'll be communicating soon."

Static rang in my ears as his signal became barely audible. The star stopped in front of the HQ, we descended from the car, once I stepped into the platform I was seized by burly soldiers who handcuffed me immediately.

"Let her go!" Arweth ordered, "she is a friend not an opponent."

The handcuffs were removed and I was directed toward a conference room. There was a single, enormous screen in the middle of the room with flashing images of the destruction and havoc the androids were creating.

"What's the plan, general?" I asked. To stop this war, we needed infiltration in at least one of the sides. I took my decision when my communication with the captain ended.

"The androids are concentrating their forces in attacking the major engineering companies of the world, focusing in robbing highly lethal arsenal that could destroy us in seconds. We've received intel that they plan on making a major move toward the laser and nuclear companies, we've formulated a cunning plan. We will surround the androids with heavy machinery and metal decapitator and drive them into the skeleton of the unfinished building Charles and James have been working on."

The building the general was talking about was a metallic mega-structure, or at least the skeleton of it. It reaches as high as fifty stories and is solely the framework with no walls nor floors to step on.

"Once there, we will bomb the building and those androids will perish before they decide to take over humanity."

I nodded and for a moment pitied the androids who in the past years had done nothing other than help humankind. My android part was taking the better of me.

"Rest now, the attack will be executed in three days from today," the general walked out of the room, leaving me to watch the videos, to ensure morbidity most definitely.

Just then the door opened and a body stumbled into the room and fell on the floor. I turned around and saw a familiar boy standing up, he gave me a sheepish smile.

It was Yuuki.

The End

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