Of the Past and Future

September 2110

Jon Leta

I starred out the window watching as the sun splashed into the horizon. Everything was the same and yet it seemed tainted. Twisted by a truth I had only become aware of days before. My hand grabbed a nearby glass of water, the cybernetcs lettting out light hums. I could hear my eyes click and adjust as the light shifted from a warm yellow to a darkening orange. It almost seemed as it the world were being set ablaze. I thought back to the memories, the flashbacks of my previous life.

A young blonde haired, blue eyed girl was smiling at me. She was in a light colored summer dress. We were sitting together on a porch swing that sat on our house's front deck. Birds chirped happily as horses grazed in the grasses patures before us. The girl was my younger sister, she had to be at least four to five years younger. I watched as another woman stepped from inside the house. She was crying, pleading with me not to leave. I smiled and stood, embracing my mother tightly. I was a young sergeant and had been given special a special assigment in Britain.

All of us knew about the World War being waged across our european homeland. I was a soldier in the Army of Nazi Germany, we were expaning our power across the the whole of europe and only the British stood before us. Releasing my mother, I straightened my grey uniform and turned towards out dirt road, I was heading for the train station. When I arrived, I met a man who handed me a British uniform and papers that would allow me entrance into the country.

I had stayed as a spy in the country for three months before the Battle over Britain erupted. Our bombers had snuck over the english channel and began a heavy bombing raid. Fighters and anti-aircraft fire began lighting up the sky. Tracers, bullets, and bombs tore into the city below where I had been living. Quickly I donned the british uniform and sprinted into the streets, air raid sirens screaming loudly. It was all wrong, they were supposed to evacuate me before the bombing. Crowds of people shoved past me, men, women, and crying childern.

I ran towards the harbor, hoping there would be a ship and a way to escape. A plane's engines roared overhead causing the ground to shake. Fires birst to life around me as I watched a bomb fall from one of our planes. The blackened mass slammed into a building before me, creating a giant explosion. Debris burst forth smashing into the surrounding chaos. One large piece of wall crashed into me, pinning me underneath it's mass. Blood leaked from my body as the dying world faded from my veiw for the last time.

When I finally shook my head of all the painful memories, I discovered waves of tears falling from my face. The glass that was in my hand had shattered into tiny glass fragments and lay in a heap upon the floor. My body trembled, I was out of place. In the wrong city, country, century. Why had I survived?

"Jon?" a quiet voice sounded, stopping my thoughts. I wipped my tears from my face and turned to see ,my sister standing in the doorway to my room.

"Alena?" I asked, shaking my head. Standing where my sister had been was Chloe, her expression filled with concern and worry. She approached and sat next to me.

"Are you alright?" she asked looking into my crimson eyes. I turned away, a few more tears streaking down my face.

"I'm fine," I mumbled "thought you were someone else." She put an arm around me, giving me a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, it will all get better soon."


The days that follwed seemed to brighten and glow with a renwed hope. I walked through the house staring at my bare mettalic black arms. A few tiny lights glowing in their surface. I had been testing many differnent abilities with all my cybernetics. My eyes were able to focus and identify people and objects. My ears could pick up the slightest noises with beautiful clarity and my arms... I had yet to test. Looking into the kitchen, I noticed Chloe. She seemed to be handling the situation as well as I was. What she didn't know was that my entire torso was the same black mettalic as my arms. I hadn't removed the false skin becuase I feared her reaction. I moved into the living room and flipped on the television. All that came on was news of more freak android attacks.

*October 2110*

A loud shattering noise starteled me from my sleep. I tilted my head towards the noise trying to tell where it had come from. Again it echoed, the noise was coming from the kitchen. With only pajama pants on, I stood on alert and crept down the hallway, moving down the stairs. As I neared the kitchen I saw Chloe standing at the threshold, before I could call out to her a voice sounded.  

"Check for recognition: unknown subject. Seek to destroy." That voice, it belonged to Pevled.

"Pevled, its me, Chloe!" she said, backing away from the kitchen. The android followed with a kitchen knife in it's hand. He swung at her as she fell backwards, screaming. With inhuman speed I jumped between the two and felt the steel slam heavily into my chest. Chloe gasped I stood in shock. Pevled seemed to be confused as I wrenched the blade from my metalic torso and turned it back on the machine. It held it's ground as I attacked, plunging the blade deep into it's head. A loud snap cracked through the air as Pevled's circuits began to spark and whine. It's body collapsed in a heap on the kitchen floor. Chloe scrambled to my side, seeing the large gash in my chest. She was shaking and fussing over me in a fit.

"It's fine," I said removing the fake skin from my upper body, revealing more mettalic black. It shimmered in the light, reflecting Chloe's startled expression.

The End

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