The days drifted by slowly, the sun was born and died as usual but the world seem and feel different than it had a week ago. Who was I to know? After all, I didn't belong to this world, to this century. I felt like being yanked away from reality to fall into a surreal state of mind. Jon walked around the house "bare-armed", his dark metallic arms were shining beneath the white lights. He seemed to enjoyed himself, if not explore, his arms and the enhancements they might have. For my part, I was practicing some acrobatic moves after class and training my right eye to focus in objects from afar.

James and Charles preferred us to hide our cybernetic parts from the world, fearing alarm in the society for the appearance of cyborgs in a community dominated and divided by human beings and androids. Speaking of which, one late afternoon we were all sitting in the deck having tea when the screen flashed with images of androids hurting humans throughout the globe. Charles turned up the volume and listened with interest.

"...the first attack happened at a restaurant in Gendarnium, the second attack followed shortly in Arcadia when an android plowing a land began attacking the agriculturist P.M. Jones leaving him with several lacerations and wounds before the field hands could stop the android from further attacks. Engineers have discarded violent and aggressive personality as the likely cause to such rampage. The engineer in charge of the study said it was nothing to worry about and reassures the populace that the android's circuits are experiencing some re-adjustments..."

Charles turned off the LCD screen and turned to look at James with concern in his face. "This is serious James, our project will receive critiques and discomfort if the androids keep acting that way. The population will become paranoid and distrustful."

"Androids never gave much of a problem until now," James replied, "I think we are facing a new era of artificial intelligence, I am afraid androids might be getting a command prompt of their own."

That evening set me in a pensive state for the rest of the days before October.

October 2110

The red orb faintly illuminated the darkened sky with its ember glow. It cruised through the sky and disappeared behind the endless horizon. Its voyage was short but the effects were large and consequential.

I saw my father leave his home to fight war as the proud general he was. The devastating World War II, product of the greed of a very powerful man who was able to amass countries into fighting this bloodshed to reach their ideal. The forces weren't suppose to reach our well-protected and hidden community in the countryside of England, but somehow they managed. Our town was bombarded by the Germany during what historians would later called "The Blitz". I rushed out of my home, trying to find a shelter for the unexpected pelting of debris and bombs falling from the sky, permeating the air with an acrid smell.

I fell injured as a wall fell on top of me, an exposed metallic strip had cut through my leg and arms as I tried crawling my way out. Once out, I looked at the red sky, a light drizzle began falling as tears poured from my eyes, stinging my face and heart with agony. I mourned the death of my family and wished to spend my dying moments in the arm of my beloved father. I had been the perfect child born into the ideal high class family with a brave father who belonged to the British military forces. Now I was just another broken girl who was not better than any other girl born under the same sky, dying.

I jolted from my bed, beads of perspiration dripping down the side of my face into my blankets. I gasped for air as memories flashed through my mind, cascading from the darkest and deepest part of my subconscious and into my head. Everything was so clear, my life, who I really was before being implanted those fake memories. I remembered my friends from back then, the life I lead, the family I was born into and most importantly I remembered my father.

Charles once told me that he wished he could be as good as my real father for me. I began to sob as I remembered everything my father was to me and hated myself for wishing Charles to be him. My fingernails dug deep into my cybernetic arm as tears flowed quickly and unstoppable. Why? Was the only question that shot through my mind as painful thoughts began appearing in my mind. Ignorance was a bliss, in this particular moment I wished I had never known. I looked out of the window with clouded eyes and saw a dim streak of red in the sky: Asteroid Haxum probably.

I felt myself drowning in tears as I stood feebly and walked out of my room to get some water. I heard the clattering and shattering of plates as I reached the base of the staircase. I wiped my eyes, fearing to encounter one of the doctors and sniffed the sadness away. I approached the kitchen with caution and peeked inside.

A shiny glimmer caught my eye as I saw our android, Pevled, reaching into cupboards to take out china and hurl it across the room. I watched in shock and amazement at his behaviour and I understood immediately, it was an effect of Haxum. Suddenly, Pevled jerked his head on my direction and stated in a clear and cold voice.

"Check for recognition: unknown subject. Seek to destroy."

"Pevled, its me, Chloe!" I said, backing away from the kitchen. He followed with a kitchen knife at hand. It was a fight for life, android versus cyborg.

The End

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